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HyFlex Classrooms

HyFlex Classrooms or Hybrid Flexible Classrooms are learning spaces configured to support a flexible teaching and learning environment that can include video conferencing, lecture recording, and a variety of screen-sharing options to deliver a high-quality experience for students.

A growing number of classrooms are being upgraded and enhanced with HyFlex capabilities utilizing cameras and microphones. These rooms provide technology that enables simultaneous face-to-face and synchronous online learning, while also allowing students the option of completing class asynchronously. When using these technologies, consider how to best teach in different formats or reach out to CAFE for faculty support and development assistance.

As of the start of Fall 2022, there are more than 50 classrooms that have received HyFlex technology upgrades. Please refer to the classroom locations webpage for all classroom technology location listings and specific HyFlex learning spaces.

As coordinated by a professor, a HyFlex instructional format provides students the option to attend class meetings in person, online, or a combination of both.  To provide such HyFlex capabilities, HyFlex classrooms are built with high-quality video cameras, dual lectern monitors, touchscreen A/V controls, and wireless room microphones to capture the audio within the learning space.  Utilizing Zoom within a HyFlex classroom provides remote students an equitable experience to in-person participation while enabling recordings of class sessions for all students.

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Faculty members may contact the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE) for training and consulting in preparing for teaching within a classroom provisioned with HyFlex technologies.

If professors experience any problems in operating the HyFlex equipment within the classroom, please contact the IT classroom support team at IT Classroom Support Desk at 909.869.4040 (x4040) or IT Service Desk.


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