Information Technology & Institutional Planning

Client Services

IT&IP Client Services supports and maintains software and hardware-related services for the campus community, including technology-enhanced classrooms, computer labs, as well as faculty and staff device management.

Updates and Changes

Beginning in March 2024, the IT&IP Division will transition to Windows 11 as the primary Windows operating system on PC-based computers.  For Windows 11 project timelines, user documentation, and training materials, please visit the Windows 11 Project Website.

All IT-managed devices must comply with the CPP Baseline Workstation Standard (PDF) requiring all applicable security patches and software updates.  "Patching" is the process of updating operating systems (Windows 10/11, Mac OS) and various client device applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Office, and many other software suites.  Users are regularly prompted to update or patch their operating system and software applications to keep their state-managed computer secured and in good working order.  Please refer to the following best practices in keeping your computer up to date. 

Best Practices:

  • Allow pending patches to install as soon as possible
  • Avoid continued patching deferments
  • Reboot your device at least once a week
  • Allow your device to remain powered on during off-hours for patching updates at least once a week 
  • Ensure your device battery is fully charged and/or connected to a power adapter when patching

More information:

Please refer to the following website for more information regarding the synchronization and migration of files to Microsoft Cloud services, including OneDrive and Teams.

Migrating Files to Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, Groups, and SharePoint are all Microsoft cloud-based storage and collaborative shared services.  Cal Poly Pomona is licensed to use these Microsoft services.

Microsoft OneDrive is considered "me" storage and meant to be used to store your individual work files.  OneDrive can also be used to share with other CPP or non-CPP colleagues.  You may access OneDrive services via the OneDrive sync client app and a web browser.

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative "we" storage service that comes with a lot of other team-based services such as team chat.  Anything stored within Teams is available to all Team group members.  It is best to store department, project, or other group files within a Team.  You may access Teams services via the Teams apps, OneDrive sync client app, and a web browser.

Microsoft Groups has similar shared storage functionality as Teams but does not include any Team collaboration.  CPP recommends using a Microsoft Team over a Microsoft Group as Teams offer the same functionality as Groups, with more collaboration services and accessibility to data via the Teams app.  You may access Group services via the OneDrive sync client app and a web browser.

Microsoft SharePoint is the foundation storage service used by all of Microsoft's cloud storage services including OneDrive, Teams, Groups, and SharePoint itself.  This means you may notice the "" URL used when working with OneDrive and other Microsoft cloud storage services.  Similar to Microsoft Groups, however, Microsoft SharePoint is a stand-alone storage service.  Therefore, CPP recommends using a Microsoft Team over a stand-alone Microsoft SharePoint site or Microsoft Group as Teams offer the same functionality as SharePoint and Groups, with more collaboration services and accessibility to data via the Teams app.

The Microsoft OneDrive sync client is an application that provides local device access and synchronization features to files and folders stored in the Microsoft cloud services.  Users may use the OneDrive sync client on their Windows/Mac OS computer and iOS/Android device to easily access files and folders stored within OneDrive, Teams, Groups and SharePoint.

You may request a new Microsoft Teams or Group from the Office365 Group and Teams Request form.

Additional Microsoft storage and Office resources:

Please contact the IT&IP Service Desk for any questions or to request further consultation and information about the Microsoft services available to the campus.

Are you planning to rearrange office location assignments, replacing desk furniture or renovating a workspace or classroom?  Chances are you will need the computer, monitor and wires moved as well.  To maintain full-service support and oversight of state equipment, please contact IT or submit a computer move IT service request to schedule an IT technician to move or adjust a computer station set up. Please note a $30 per station charge is required to physically adjust, disconnect and reconnect a current or existing computer set up. A computer ordered through the campus computer purchasing website already includes the $30 deployment and configuration station charge for the initial set up of the equipment.