Information Technology & Institutional Planning

Client Services

IT&IP Client Services supports and maintains software- and hardware-related services for the campus community, including technology-enhanced classrooms, computer labs, as well as faculty and staff device management.

Updates and Changes

As staff and faculty begin to repopulate the campus starting on June 21, 2021, we anticipate that there will be a large number of requests for assistance regarding office and mobile technology equipment - including the reconnection of computers, monitors, laptops, docking stations, phones, networking, etc. Although many users will be able to reconnect their own equipment without assistance from IT, if assistance is needed, we are requesting that you schedule time with our team in advance so support can be provided in a coordinated manner. Scheduling time with our team will allow us to properly allocate resources and provide our users with the best experience as they return to campus.

You may schedule time as an individual or for your entire department by visiting the following webpage: Requests for technical assistance that are not pre-scheduled will be handled on a best effort basis with our available resources.

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any questions.

Are you planning to rearrange office location assignments, replacing desk furniture or renovating a workspace or classroom?  Chances are you will need the computer, monitor and wires moved as well.  To maintain full-service support and oversight of state equipment, please contact IT or submit a computer move IT service request to schedule an IT technician to move or adjust a computer station set up. Please note a $30 per station charge is required to physically adjust, disconnect and reconnect a current or existing computer set up. A computer ordered through the campus computer purchasing website already includes the $30 deployment and configuration station charge for the initial set up of the equipment.

The new version of Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 requires students, faculty, and staff to log into the Adobe application with their Cal Poly Pomona Bronco account credentials.  IT is in the process of installing the new version of Adobe Creative Cloud within campus computer labs and classrooms.  If you open an Adobe application within a computer lab or classroom and are prompted to enter your Cal Poly Pomona Bronco account credentials, please do so – but please remember to log off of the computer station when finished.  If you have a particular computer lab or classroom that require the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud, please contact the IT Service Desk or open a service ticket to expedite the upgrade of the Adobe application suite for the particular learning space.

More Adobe Information:

Beginning this Fall 2019, you can contact the IT Classroom Support team directly at 909.869.4040 if you're off campus or at X4040 if you are calling from a campus phone for immediate assistance with classroom technology and presentation services. Hours for IT Classroom Support are 7 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Thursday and 7 AM to 5 PM on Friday.  For more classroom or computer lab technology information, see Classroom Technology.


Adobe has introduced a new Creative Cloud subscription service and licensing model for the campus. The new Adobe Creative Cloud solution will require a new installation package and your Cal Poly Pomona account credentials. All current installations of Adobe Creative Cloud will continue to function normally but will need to be upgraded in the near future. The new Adobe Creative Cloud product suite includes Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Spark, and others and is now available to all staff and faculty. As a staff or faculty member, you have access to all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications on your computer and mobile devices.  Shared device stations such as computer labs and classrooms will receive the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite later this summer and fall.

For more Adobe information and steps on how to install or upgrade your Creative Cloud software, please visit the following website:

In an effort to keep Microsoft Office 365 up-to-date with newly released features, all IT managed computers will soon be configured to apply Office updates on a monthly basis. You may notice new features and menu changes appear within your Office 365 applications as these updates are regularly applied.

IT began deploying new computers last year within the “” domain improving the user computing experience and applying required CSU security compliance configurations. In an effort to bring existing computers into the new secured “” client environment, IT may need to re-image or rebuild a number of identified computers within your team. Microsoft is also scheduled to end support for Windows 7 early next year. Consequently, IT will begin contacting departments this spring/summer to begin scheduling computer re-imaging sessions. Additional information will be sent directly to the departments with computers requiring a rebuild.

Members of the IT&IP Division will be contacting colleges, divisions, and/or departments to schedule an assessment of office printer devices. The printer device inventory is a component of the University’s Strategic Initiatives to “improve campus infrastructure, redesign business processes to enhance organizational effectiveness, and be a model for environmental responsibility.” The printer assessment initiative will consist of a per-building inventory of the printer model, type, location, and age of the device. The assessment will assist IT in providing the campus a report of the current print device footprint.