Information Technology & Institutional Planning

Remote Support

After contacting the IT&IP Service Desk by phone at 909.869.6776, callers may have the option to resolve their request with a remote desktop support session initiated by an IT&IP Service Desk technician.  IT&IP technicians use a remote sharing tool known as TeamViewer.


  • TeamViewer remote sessions can only be created by IT&IP technicians.
  • TeamViewer is not available for end-users wanting remote access to their office computers.

Important Information for Users

  • User privacy and data security is a foundational component of any remote support session. 
  • Users are in full control of their support experience when connecting with an IT&IP remote support representative.  End user consent is required within TeamViewer to begin a remote session and allow an IT support representative to access and control the user device.
  • Users can terminate the remote session by closing the TeamViewer remote support window at any time.
  • Before starting or accepting a remote support TeamViewer session, IT&IP strongly recommends that you close any open documents which contain personal, confidential or regulated data. This information will be visible to IT staff when viewing your screen remotely.
  • All IT&IP technicians access TeamViewer remote hosting sessions with their campus Bronco account.  All data transmitted during a remote session is encrypted from end-to-end. 
  • All TeamViewer remote sessions should be linked to an IT&IP ServiceNow support ticket.  All actions performed by IT&IP technicians during a support session is logged.