Information Technology & Institutional Planning

Computer and Mobile Device Services

Purchase a Computing Device:

IMPORTANT: Updated July 2021.  Beginning this academic year (2021-2022), the campus will be enforcing a ONE COMPUTER PER PERSON implementation.  Aside from faculty research and other special considerations, most employees will only have one computer assigned for work purposes.  The one computer per person approach provides employees a consistent working environment and reduces campus expenses.  The IT&IP Division is also planning to implement it's first centralized computer purchase/replacement program later this Fall 2021.  The centralized computer replacement program will begin to place all full-time employees on a computer refresh schedule.  

You may request the purchase of a new laptop, monitor, iPad or custom computer at the Campus Computer Purchase Portal.  The University is suggesting that laptop computers be purchased for new employees and current employee replacement computers.  Your desktop support technician will assist with the disposal and/or reassignment of all replaced equipment.

    • Purchase a new laptop, monitor, iPad or custom computing device at the Campus Computer Purchase Portal
    • Computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, external devices or disks, and speakers are purchased by the department and available through the CSUBUY Marketplace website
    • Mobile devices such as iPads may purchased through the Campus Computer Purchase Portal
    • Tenured and Tenure-Track faculty members receive new laptops through the Faculty Laptop Refresh Program
    • Students may contact the Bookstore about the Student Laptop Program
    • If you are a full time faculty or staff member assigned only an office desktop computer (no laptop), there are limited resources that may be able to provide a new permanent laptop without departmental costs.  Please contact IT or submit an IT Equipment Loaner Request asking if a permanently assigned laptop may be available.

All computing hardware purchases are reviewed by IT and require an ATI/IT Review approval.  All standard campus computing devices include an approved ATI/IT Review.

Request a Laptop or Hotspot Loaner:

To request a laptop or hotspot loaner, please follow the instructions below.

    • Submit a campus CPP Remote Work - IT&IP Addendum form
    • Within the form, please indicate the following:
      1. Preferred Operating System (Windows or Mac)
      2. Computer Type: Student Worker, Faculty / Staff Member
      3. Please specify if the current faculty/staff full time employee had previously been assigned a desktop.  Based on availability and management approval, IT may be able to assign a new laptop to replace the desktop.  
    • Priority is being given to full time faculty and staff members working remotely without a functional state-owned laptop
    • Pending equipment availability, loaner laptops are available for student workers as well
    • Please contact if you have any questions about computer requests or orders.
    • NOTE: Tenured and Tenure-Track faculty members receive laptops via the Faculty Laptop Refresh Program
    • NOTE: Students may contact the Office of Student Success about student laptop loaner equipment availability -  
  • MOBILE HOTSPOTS may be available staff and faculty use.  Please submit a campus CPP Remote Work - IT&IP Addendum form if a mobile hotspot is requested.  Hotspots are available for a 30-day checkout and no more than 4 times per calendar year.  The intended use for wireless hotspots is to temporarily support employees until they can independently secure wireless connectivity.  Students may contact the Student Success office if a hotspot is needed for academic purposes.

Please consult your IT technician if you have any questions as they can help you assess and address your specific computer requirements.  

Computer Support and Standards

IT Client Services provides full technical support for a defined set of campus standard equipment, operating systems, and software applications.  IT&IP fully supports all Windows and Apple operating systems supported by Microsoft and Apple that were imaged or deployed by IT on campus standard equipment.  IT provides full support for standard campus equipment for up to 5 years.  Equipment older than 5 years will be supported by approval and only on a best effort basis.  In generally, equipment older than 5 years is encouraged to be surveyed off and replaced.  All standard campus computer models include 3 years of warranty.  Costs associated with repairing equipment out of warranty will be the responsibility of the end-user department.  IT will generally support client operating system builds that are supported by Microsoft and Apple.  Each Microsoft 10 build is generally supported for one to two years before requiring a build upgrade.  Apple generally supports up to two versions prior to the latest macOS version released each year.  

Non-standard or older computer equipment will NOT be supported by the campus without IT approval.  Non-standard operating system deployments or images also require IT pre-approval.  Limited support may be available for specific IT approved hardware and software purchases.  For more information, please click here to review the non-standard IT support service memo.

Hardware Equipment Standards

The campus provides a set of standard computing equipment specifications and hardware models to meet many of the technical requirements for a majority of campus learning spaces, students, faculty, and staff members.

Standard Campus Models include:

  • Dell laptops (Latitude) -  Faculty & Staff
  • Apple laptops (MacBook Pro) - Faculty & Staff
  • Microsoft laptops (Surface Laptop) - Faculty & Staff
  • Dell desktops (OptiPlex) - Labs & Classrooms
  • Apple desktops (iMac) - Labs & Classrooms
  • Dell monitors (23", 25", 27")

Standard Campus Laptop Category Specifications include:

  • Student Worker/Loaner = i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD
  • Faculty / Staff Member = i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD
  • Lightweight Model = i7 CPU, 16GB, 512GB SSD (under 3 lbs)
    3-year vendor warranty is included with all faculty, staff, and lightweight models

NOTE: The University has standardized on laptops as the primary computing device for staff and faculty.  All requests for a desktop or tower computer must be requested and approved by the CIO.   You may initiate a request to purchase a new computer from the Campus Computer Purchase Portal.

Operating System and Deployment Standards

All client computers managed and deployed by the IT & IP Client Services department include a standard "image" or set of Operating System (OS), application software and configuration settings.  A Windows OS or Apple MacOS/iOS device imaged by the Client Service is fully supported by the campus and includes various licensed applications and security updates.  For more information about the campus standard client computer image and what is included with a new device or reimage, please click here

List of Supported Hardware Equipment and Operating Systems

As of Spring 2021, the following hardware equipment and operating systems are fully supported by IT.

Hardware Equipment

  • Dell Latitude 7420, 5411, 5410, 5401, 5491, 5490, 5480, 3420, 3410, 3400
  • Dell XPS 13 9310, 9300
  • Dell OptiPlex 7x80, 7x70, 7x60, 7x50
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13 (released 2017 or later)
  • Apple iMac/macmini (released 2017 or later)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7, 6, 5
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, 3, 2

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10 20H2, 1909
  • Apple MacOS 11, 10.15, 10.14
  • Apple iOS 14, 13

Computer Moves or Station Adjustments

NOTE: Due to the campus repopulation efforts, IT is temporarily suspending the normal $30 per station charge to move and/or reconnect computer stations.  Please refer to the IT campus repopulation webpage for computer move assistance and additional information.

To maintain full-service support and oversight of state equipment, please contact IT or submit a computer move IT service request to schedule an IT technician to move or adjust a computer station set up. Please note a $30 per station charge is required to physically adjust, disconnect and reconnect a current or existing computer set up.  

Local Administrative Rights

By default, all campus IT-provisioned computers do NOT include local administrative rights or a local administrative user.  To request local administrative rights for your faculty or staff assigned computer, submit an IT service ticket.  Please read the KB article KB0011723 for important information regarding the use of local administrative computer access rights.