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Adobe Creative Cloud Pro - Cal Poly Pomona

Adobe Creative Cloud Pro is a set of applications and services from Adobe for various Cal Poly Pomona University students, faculty and staff members.  The Creative Cloud Pro suite now includes access to Adobe's Stock photo catalog and 3D applications.  Adobe Creative Cloud Pro is available to the following campus users.


Cal Poly Pomona students may purchase an annual subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud Pro suite for $30 at OnTheHub.  After purchasing an annual subscription, students may use their Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Account to login & download Adobe Creative Cloud Pro applications and access the Adobe Stock photo catalog. 

Student employees also require a $30 / year subscription.

Please note that Adobe Creative Cloud is installed and available to students within most campus computer labs without cost.

Faculty and Staff

Adobe CC is available for installation for faculty and staff on University & personal devices
All state faculty and staff members have been issued an Adobe CC Pro user license
All student employees, non-state faculty & staff members require a $30 / year subscription (ASI, Foundation, Auxiliary)

All students, staff, and faculty have free access to Adobe CC Express (formally known as Adobe Spark).

creative cloud is here

How to Get Adobe Creative Cloud Pro

To access Adobe Creative Cloud Pro applications on your computer, within labs and classrooms, online or within a mobile app, you will need to login with your Cal Poly Pomona bronco credentials when prompted.  Please select the "Enterprise ID" or "campus/school account" sign-in option.  Campus users, including faculty and staff members, who have purchased or been issued an assigned Adobe license can download and install Creative Cloud desktop applications on multiple computers, regardless of operating system. Activation is limited to two machines per individual associated with the membership.  You may install Adobe CC on more than two computers, but only two computers can be simultaneously activated. All Adobe Creative Cloud applications can be downloaded, installed, and updated from within the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.  Please use the following information below to install the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app on your computer.  Lab, classroom, and Library laptop loaner computers include the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.  Classroom, computer lab, and Library laptop loaner users only need to authenticate with their Cal Poly Pomona account credentials to run the Adobe applications.

Note: If you are already accessing the Creative Cloud application via an Adobe ID, you will have the option to login with either your Adobe ID or Enterprise ID (i.e. your Cal Poly Pomona account credentials) once the migration occurs. If you have any content stored under your Adobe ID, you can follow the steps here to migrate this content to your new Enterprise account.

Download and Install Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Cal Poly Pomona students may purchase an annual subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud Pro suite for $30 at OnTheHub.  

  • Adobe CC is installed and accessible within University computer labs, classrooms, and Library loaner laptops. After opening an Adobe CC application within a computer lab, loaner laptop, or classroom, simply log into the Adobe software with your CPP bronco account when prompted.

  • Log into Adobe to access your subscription account using your CPP bronco account.

Faculty & Staff

  • Users with local administrative rights may log into Adobe with their CPP bronco account, download and install the "Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App"  - Follow the Adobe Getting Started Guide for assistance.

  • By default, most of the campus managed computers include the "Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App" software that allows users to install any of the CC suite products.  Users with computers that include Self-Service capabilities may install the "Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App" software from "Software Center" on their computer.  Once you have installed the "Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App" software, click on or search for the new "Adobe Creative Cloud" desktop shortcut to install, update and manage all Creative Cloud applications.

  • Please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance in accessing the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App for all other computer setups.  Your computer may need to be updated.

    NOTE: Campus affiliates, CEU, ASI, Foundation, and other non-state positions do not receive an Adobe Creative Cloud user license by default.  State and non-state funded student assistants are also not provided a license by default.  Departments may purchase an annual subscription at $30/year per user using the Software Subscription Request Form.

Classrooms, Labs, & Library Loaner Laptops

  • Installed and accessible within University computer labs and classrooms

Creative Cloud Asset Migration (Graduating from CPP)

Graduating from Cal Poly Pomona? In that case, you may migrate your CPP Adobe account assets to a personal Adobe account. A Creative Cloud free membership includes trial versions for many of Adobe’s applications.

Once you leave Cal Poly Pomona, ensure you have ongoing access to your creative work and web portfolios — and that you can showcase your work to future employers. We suggest migrating your content from CPP cloud services to personal accounts a month before commencement.

Visit Adobe's guide, Moving Your Adobe Assets A How-To Guide for Graduating Students.

Adobe Creative Cloud Guides and Product Support

Familiarize yourself with the Adobe Creative Cloud Pro for Enterprise at the links below to get the most use out of your access.

  • User Guide- Get quick answers and step-by-step instructions for downloading and accessing the Creative Cloud.
  • Beginner’s Guide - Learn the basics and start your first project.
  • Tutorials- Find tutorials to help you expand your skills.
  • Migrating Assets- Migrate content from your existing Adobe ID account to your Federated ID (or organization) account with a few easy steps.
  • Adobe for Academics
  • Creative Cloud for Education
  • As of September 2021, Creative Cloud Pro includes access to Adobe's Stock photo catalog.

Note: If you are receiving a licensing activation error when trying to open an Adobe Creative Cloud application on your device, please sign out from your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App and then sign back in. Visit our step-by-step guide with detailed instructions.

For help with troubleshooting please see the Adobe FAQs page. For further assistance please see IT Service Desk.