Information Technology & Institutional Planning

New Software Requests

All new software installation requests on campus devices require the following three components: (1) IT Review (2) Procurement Contract Review (3) IT installation request ticket if needed.  Please contact your IT support technician for assistance, consultation, and guidance as necessary.  The following three-step request process is for software that is new to the campus.  If you are requesting software for a staff or faculty computer that is already available to the campus community and simply require assistance with the installation, please submit an IT software installation request service ticket or review the list of software applications listed under the "Software" section.

Software new to the campus computing environment requires the following 3 steps: 

STEP 1: All new campus software requires an IT Review. 

STEP 2: The software "terms and conditions" and/or End User License Agreements (EULA) require a Contract Request Form (CRF) review by Procurement.  Even if the software is free, gifted, previously purchased, or open-source (other than GNU/GPL), a Procurement CRF review of the agreement is still required.  The GNU/GPL v1, v2, v3 EULAs have been pre-approved by Procurement. 

STEP 3: After you have received both an IT Review and Procurement CRF Review approval, please submit a software installation request as noted below (if needed).

IMPORTANT: When submitting a software installation request, please attach or reference your approved ATI/IT Review documentation and approved CRF confirmation from Procurement.