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MathWorks MatLab at Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona has a campus-wide license, providing unlimited academic use of MatLab and Simulink products to all students, staff, and faculty members on any device. 

Log into your MatLab account:

How To Create a MatLab Account

You will use your Cal Poly Pomona Bronco account to create a MathWorks MatLab account.  You need a MathWorks account to access and download all MatLab resources. 

  1. Log into the Cal Poly Pomona account creation and sign-in web page with your Bronco account:
  2. Select your Location, Department, and Role.  Then, accept the "Online Services Agreement" and click "Create"
    mathworks account profile creation
  3. Your MathWorks MatLab account email address is the same as your Cal Poly Pomona email address.  

How To Download and Install MatLab 

  1. Log into The MathWorks website with your MatLab account:
  2. Select the download option within your MatLab web portal page
    matlab download
  3. After downloading your preferred version of MatLab, run the the installer

    NOTE: Local administrative rights are required on your local computer to successfully install MatLab.  If you are a faculty or staff member using a campus laptop without local administrative rights, please contact your IT support team for assistance.

  4. The installer will ask for your email address.  Enter your MatLab account (email address) and password to Sign-In
  5. Accept the license agreement to continue
  6. When prompted to select a licensing option, select "MatLab (Individual)  Academic - Total Headcount" (default option)
  7. Confirm user information to continue
  8. Select the destination folder and continue
  9. Select the MatLab products you want to download and continue
  10. Confirm your selections and "begin install"

How To Renew Your MatLab License

Cal Poly Pomona renews the campus-wide MatLab license each year.  MatLab may prompt you to renew your license.  Please review the following information for guidance and assistance in updating your MatLab license.

  • Update Your Campus-Wide License – How To Video
  • The "How To" video guide above will walk you through the following steps.  The steps below will help you update your MatLab license.

    NOTE: You may be prompted to enter administrative credentials during the license renewal process.  

    1. Open MatLab (If the current license has already expired, the license activation client will automatically launch and you can skip the next step)
    2. Navigate to Help Menu and select Licensing
    3. Click on Activate Software
    4. Choose to Activate using Internet
    5. Once reactivated, you will need to restart MatLab before the new license file is recognized. If the installation has already expired, you will be prompted to activate when attempting to launch MatLab. 

    As long as the activation finishes successfully, MatLab will roll over to the new license file once the old one expires. You might continue to see the expiration warning in MatLab until the old file expires.

MatLab Support

Cal Poly Pomona students, staff, and faculty members may open and create MatLab service requests from MathWorks login portal. 

Other MatLab Resources