We know transferring to a new university can bring up a lot of questions and uncertainty. If you have unanswered questions, we encourage you to explore the information provided below. 

PolyTransfer FAQs

Yes, you are living through what we call the “Imposter Experience”! It’s when you feel like you don’t belong here or that somehow others are much more prepared for this experience than you are. This experience and those thoughts are normal, you’re getting adjusted to a whole new academic world! Be kind to yourself and show yourself grace. Here are some tips to help you navigate this experience a bit more easily: 

  • Visit Counseling and Psychological Services to talk through your experience
  • Connect with classmates on Blackboard, social media or other class-related channels 
  • Join organizations on campus and attend in-person/virtual events through myBAR 

The PolyTransfer Program aims to create a transfer receptive culture throughout campus. If you are still working on finding your niche at CPP, consider doing some of the following: 

  • Like and/or follow the PolyTransfer Program on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to be updated about upcoming events, transfer tips, and other helpful resources on campus 
  • Join organizations on campus and attend in-person/virtual events through myBAR 

It's important to know you aren't alone in this balancing act as many transfer students around you are balancing similar responsibilities. To thrive in this moment, it's important that you reach out to resources and let them know you need additional support. Here are just a few, you may find helpful depending on your current situation:

  • Review our Parenting Student Support webpage! They have much needed information for parenting students on campus (e.g. children's center info)
  • The Career Center is a good place to contact as you seek guidance on how to best balance course work with work assignments and childcare needs.

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