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Find answers to the frequently asked questions on study abroad at Cal Poly Pomona.

Do you have questions about studying abroad? Are you having problems with your application? Be sure to contact the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible.

General Questions

Through study abroad, Broncos are engaging in cultures different from their own and adding value to their degree. They are studying, researching, interning and partnering with local communities around the world.

Study abroad programs are academically focused with credit that counts toward graduation. Coursework is available in every college, including opportunities in the Honors College.

The first step is to attend Study Abroad 101. We recommend that you start planning at least two semesters in advance. We have information sessions every Tuesday & Thursday during U-Hour (12:15p to 12:45p) or Wednesday at 4-4:30pm at the International Center (Building 1, Room 104)

The cost of education abroad differs from program to program. Check out the Costs and Financing page for more information.

Yes, Financial Aid is transferable to all Study Abroad programs (with the exception of direct enrollments). Check out the Costs and Financing page for more information.

While some students prefer to participate in programs specific to their major, it is not a requirement. Students can complete credit that goes towards a minor or a specialization or they can earn credit that counts towards their GE requirements or elective credit. We recommend that you meet with your academic advisor to discuss the best option for you.


As long as you meet the specific requirements for the individual program (for example, you have completed prerequisite classes or have the required GPA), you can apply.

It depends on you and your academic goals! CPP offers 100+ education abroad programs in over 60 countries worldwide. CPP students are earning credit all over the world!

CPP offers education abroad programs that run during a full semester (fall or spring), over breaks (winter break or spring break), for an entire academic year (fall and spring semester), or over the summer for varying lengths (1-week to 12-weeks from May to August).

The "best time" to go abroad depends on each student's own academic program, and personal preference. Consult your academic advisor for your major as they can help plan most effectively.

You can also schedule an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor or speak with a student Peer Adviser at the International Center.

No. With proper planning, you can earn as many credits as your normally would at Cal Poly Pomona. In fact, part of study abroad planning includes having students’ study abroad courses pre-approved prior to departure. Be sure to consult with your advisor early and often as you navigate this process to sure that you stay on track to graduate.

Yes! Prior to departure, students will meet with Academic Advisors to discuss which courses taken abroad can transfer back and directly replace a CPP course. Make sure you have a list of the courses you will be taking abroad to show your Academic Advisor. Students complete the General Academic Petition E-Form upon return from overseas to ensure courses and credits transfer back to Cal Poly Pomona. Grades earned during study abroad are posted on your transcript and calculated in your GPA.

Accommodations vary from program to program. Types of housing can include home stays, hotels, university dorms, or off-campus housing such as an apartment. Each housing opportunity has its own advantages. For example, home stays provide students with the opportunity to further their foreign language skills, while foreign university dorms may provide a great chance for CPP students to meet other students from around the world.

For each program, the type of housing available for students will be specified on the program description.

No. Study abroad is a great opportunity for students who would like to develop their foreign language skills; however, knowing a foreign language is not a requirement for all education abroad programs.

Some programs do require a certain level of proficiency in a different language, but this is not the norm. While some programs may have a foreign language component, others may not. The contact language (the language within the classroom) may also be in English, even while being in a foreign-speaking country.

Information regarding language requirements can be found within each program’s description.

Planning at least one year prior to departure is ideal. That gives you time to research the best program to fit your needs, get course approvals if necessary, apply for scholarships, make flight

arrangements, get your passport (and visa if applicable), and more! Also note, most application deadlines are due a full semester (or more) in advance.

Be sure to consult with your study abroad and academic advisors to plan effectively.

If none of the offerings fit your specific goals, there are other options. You may schedule an appointment with your Study Abroad Advisor to discuss additional program types.

Yes! Many non-U.S. students study abroad. However, it's important to understand the visa requirements for the country(s) you plan to visit abroad. International students attending CPP should contact the for more information as it can be a difficult step for many students choosing participate in an education abroad program. 

Yes! You can contact our Global Ambassadors and learn more through their experiences studying abroad! 

You can withdraw from a program at any time, but it’s important you understand your responsibilities for notifying the Office of Study Abroad as well as any refund policies that will apply depending on the time that you withdraw. Withdrawing close to departure will have significant financial implications.

If you're unable to participate in your program of choice, remember the Office for Study Abroad is here to help. Please contact your Study Abroad Advisor to help you consider alternative options!


Have a question that's not answered above? Contact one of our peer or staff advisors. 

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