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Our department offers a flexible major program which may be adapted to serve a variety of needs and interests. We have over 400 undergraduate math majors, over 60 graduate students, and we serve more than 4,000 students each semester, including students enrolled in math courses for pre-credential teachers.

Thank you for your interest in our program! Please see our FAQ page for program details.

Open Positions: Open Faculty and Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) Positions

CCSAM: Consulting Center for Statistics and Applied Mathematics (CCSAM)

Semester Conversion

Please click on the picture below for up-to-date information concerning mathematics and statistics courses in semester conversion.

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Undergraduate Students
We have undergraduate programs in secondary teaching/pure mathematics, and applied mathematics/statistics.


Graduate students
Our graduate program offers emphases in pure math, applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education.


People: faculty and staff
Information on faculty and staff, including research areas, websites, and contact information.

ALEKS Math Placement 

Information on calculus eligibility and the calculus placement exam.


students receiving scholarships
Scholarships for graduates and undergraduates are offered by the department and the university.

Document Index

Document Index
A large list of documents and resources for graduates, undergraduates, faculty, and staff.