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We are aware that CPP Connect’s Planner has limitations when using assistive technology and keyboard only. Assistive technology users may not be able to effectively use the Planner, as the menu items located within the menu of courses will not be read correctly. Other accessibility limitations may include popup or information items not displaying correctly and using keyboard arrow keys instead of using the tab key for navigation. For the best possible experience with assistive technology tools the product’s vendor suggests the use of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The planner is a dynamic version of the PDF version of the curriculum sheets and roadmaps. Users can access the same information using the static curriculum sheets and roadmaps available on the Curriculum Sheets & Roadmaps webpage

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For Degree Planning Questions: Contact Your Advisor 

For Technical/Other Questions: Email 

What can you do in CPP Connect?

  • Make an appointment with a campus resource including advising, tutoring, career services, and financial aid
  • View drop-in hours for college advising centers, participating faculty advisors, and other support programs
  • Request an appointment with your college advising center advisor(s)
  • View appointment requests sent by academic advisors
  • View or cancel upcoming scheduled appointments
  • View your class schedule

What can you do in the Mobile App?

  • View important CPP dates and deadlines  
  • View your holds and learn how to remove them 
  • View your current class schedule 
  • Schedule an appointment with a campus resource
  • Join or create a study group with your peers in your current courses 
  • View a list of campus resources with contact information 
  • Opt-in to receiving messages from your college advisors 

What can you do in Planner? 

  • View the degree requirements for your primary major (undergraduate students only)
  • Plan out your coursework for the remainder of your career, term by term
  • Share your Planner with your faculty and college advisor for recommendations 
  • Keep track of your completed major course requirements alongside your curriculum sheet and Degree Progress Report 
  • Build potential schedules in Scheduler

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