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Within the Bronco Advising Center, our Early Support team collaborates with various campus partners and instructors to provide proactive, holistic advising and student support services. Our goal is to connect with students as early as possible in their academic journey and identify any resources or support needed to help you successfully complete their courses this term.

Unexpected challenges can happen to all of us. If you are encountering any challenges this semester, our Early Support team is here to ensure that you receive timely support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Bronco Advising Center, one of the programs we offer is connecting with students who may need additional resources to successfully complete this term and/or future terms. We collaborate with your instructors: they submit progress reports that let us know if you may benefit from additional resources. These resources may range from tutoring learning services to basic needs resources. Our goal is to provide timely support identify solutions that will help you successfully complete your courses.

The emails you receive contain resources that are relevant to you. We may also invite you to make a one-on-one appointment with us to discuss strategies for a successful semester.

Our meeting goal is to discuss your academic progress this term. While our meetings are not mandatory, we strongly believe in the importance of frequent advising and are here to support your academic and personal success. There are a wide range of resources at CPP to support your academic success, and we will center our conversation around what you need.

We have been conducting these meetings since Spring 2020. We have found that students who meet with us develop longterm success strategies and made improvements in their course progress.

No, we are not your assigned advisor. When you meet with us, we discuss any general advising questions you may have and connect you with your assigned academic advisor for detailed questions.

We are unable to remove your academic probation hold, but we’ll explore any next steps you must complete for the hold.

Yes, we are happy to support you with any registration questions and make connections for additional support. 

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This Canvas module is here to help you be successful throughout your academic semester. There are different resources and support you can utilize to get through your courses. Click the button below to get started.

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Linda Hoang

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Linda Hoang (she/her/hers) serves as the Early Support Specialist for STEM majors. She is committed to understanding each student’s unique experiences and identifying strategies to be successful at CPP. She understands that each student has different learning styles and life experiences; her goal is to work with each student to identify their strengths and opportunities to access resources to achieve their goals. As a first-generation college student who completed her Master of Science in Higher Education from Cal State Fullerton, Linda understands the challenges of navigating higher education, and she is proud to serve the diverse student population at Cal Poly Pomona.

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