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Advising Syllabus

2024-25 Downloadable Syllabus

Advising Expectations

Your Student Success Advisor is your assigned academic advisor in your college. They are trained on your majors, options, and resources. You may have additional advisors through other programs.

Your relationship with your assigned academic advisor is an important partnership in your path to graduation. Our advising community believes that when you enter our spaces, you are respected, valued and heard, and that you matter as a student and person. We expect both you and your advisor to show mutual respect during your interactions and adhere to the CPP Conduct Code.

What We Expect of You, the Student: 

  • Attend scheduled appointments or cancel 24 hours in advance. Be on time and prepared for your session.
  • Share problems or concerns in a respectful tone and manner
  • Be actively engaged with your advisor by taking notes, regularly updating your plan to degree, and making adjustments when needed
  • Be open and willing to consider advice and options
  • Be willing to think through difficult decisions and use your skills to weigh options, make choices, and set goals
  • Be accountable for your decisions and your actions (or inactions) that affect your educational progress and goals

What You Can Expect From Your Advisor: 

  • We will be available when we say we will be (drop-in hours, appointments, etc.) or provide timely notice of cancellation
  • We will provide a respectful and confidential environment where you can discuss academic, career, and personal goals and freely express your concerns
  • We will teach you how to navigate the curriculum, degree/college requirements, graduation requirements, and university policies and procedures
  • We will help you think about your personal, academic, and career goals, and explore the steps to get you there
  • We will serve as an advocate and liaison, and support and empower you to build skills, develop help-seeking behaviors, and clarify and meet your academic goals

Advising Checklists

Below are general milestones that you should complete each year to ensure you stay on track to meet your academic goals. See your advisor for a detailed plan that aligns with your major requirements.

  • Complete 30 units
  • Select a major or confirm that your current major fits you best
  • Meet with your advisor to create a plan for your first year
  • Review your transfer credit with your advisor and submit any necessary petitions
  • Complete your A2 (Written Composition) and B4 (Quantitative Reasoning) requirements

  • Complete 60 units
  • Meet with your advisor to create a plan for your second year
  • Review your Degree Progress Report and become familiar with your degree requirements
  • Complete a draft of your Planner for your remaining time at CPP
  • Complete additional lower division General Education course work: A1 (Oral Communication), A3 (Critical Thinking), D1 (U.S. History) and D2 (U.S. Constitution and CA Government) at a minimum

  • Complete 90 units
  • Meet with your advisor for a Pre-Graduation Check. Review your transfer credit and remaining degree requirements, and then create a plan for any courses that need to be petitioned
  • Update your Planner to map out your remaining time to degree
  • Complete 1 – 2 upper division GE synthesis courses
  • Meet with a faculty advisor and/or a career counselor to begin talking about career options, internships, research, and post-degree planning

  • Complete 120 units
  • Meet with your advisor for a Senior Graduation Check and plan for your remaining courses
  • Update your Planner to map out your remaining time to degree
  • Visit Steps to Senior Success and apply for graduation when it is appropriate
  • Meet with a career counselor to create and/or review your resume and continue to discuss your post-graduation plans
  • If your degree is more than 120 units, work with your advisor to develop a plan for your remaining units