Office of Student Success, Equity and Innovation

About Course Substitutions and General Academic Petitions

If you would like to submit a petition to substitute a course for a major or general education requirement, please schedule a meeting with your advisor to complete the Course Substitution. 

General Academic Petitions should only be used for non-course substitution reasons, with a few exceptions. If you need to submit a General Academic Petition for any of the following reasons, please contact a BAC advisor at for further information and guidance:

  • Elective/Emphasis/Concentration Declarations if deviating from catalog or curriculum sheet
  • Study Abroad (IPC) course substitutions
  • Credit from non-regionally accredited institutions (after completion of 20 units at CPP)
  • Rescinding a previously submitted petition
  • Discontinued student petitions (graduate out of residency)
  • Any requests for catalog or specific policy​ exceptions