Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Resource Center Liaisons

Faculty and staff from various offices across the campus community who serve as points of contact and actively work to support veterans include the following.

Office Representative Phone Email
Veterans Resource Center Elke Azpeitia 909-869-2782
Office of Outreach, Recruitment & Educational Partnerships Matilda Obaseki 909-869-2978  
Counseling & Psychological Services Dr. Lideth Ortega Villalobos 909-869-3220
Disability Resource Center Patricia Duran 909-869-4407
Financial Aid & Scholarships Charles Conn 909-869-3717
Library Paul Hottinger 909-869-3118
Office of New Student Programs & Family Engagement David Estudiante 909-869-3064
Registrar's Office (Certifying Official) Samuel Kim 909-869-2867
Student Health Services Indira Singh 909-869-5309
Student Accounting & Cashiers MyVan Hua 909-869-2033
Student Accounting & Cashiers Brenda Flores 909-869-2032
Student Accounting & Cashiers Daisy Ratonel 909-869-3696
College of Business Administration Pam Adams 909-869-5438
University Advising Erin DeRosa 909-869-2271