Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Program Goals

Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant ScienceStudent with diploma

  • The program will provide science based knowledge of plant growth and development in a variety of climatic conditions, focusing on a quality end product.
  • The program will educate our students to provide the critical thinking skills necessary to solve a variety of complex, interdisciplinary problems which impact plants and their environment.  This includes the economic and business aspects impacting marketing.
  • The program will provide experiential learning opportunities for students to enhance the classroom and laboratory experience.
  • The program will provide students a thorough understanding of agriculture’s impact on our environment and instill stewardship of land, landscapes, and natural resources.
  • The program will promote professionalism and leadership skills preparing our graduates for diverse careers in plant science and related industries.
  • The program will instill the virtues of lifelong learning and continuing education to maintain relevancy within a graduates chosen field.