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 Advising Tools

The following advising forms are designed to assist students and their advisors:

Curriculum Sheets


Course Offerings

Change of Major

If you are interested in changing your major to the TOM or EBZ Department, please fill out either the online or hard copy form. The hard copy form should be delivered to the TOM/EBZ department office in Building 164, Room 1030. (Hard copy form also avaible in office)

TOM Advising

Faculty advisors are available throughout the day for your questions or concerns. Please view their office hours here

College of Business Administration Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) in Building 164, Room 1060, is designed to help all CBA majors by: (1) providing general academic information, (2) assisting in the completion/processing of various university forms (e.g., general academic petitions, drop petitions), and (3) maintaining a supply of most university petitions and forms. Please visit SSC and find out what services it offers.