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College of Business Administration

EBZ Curriculum

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please download and use the two-year planner on this page, instead of the one listed on the Academic Program website, since our department keeps the most current and updated version!

The complete bachelor of science in business administration with e-business specialization degree consists of several blocks of mostly 4-unit courses, summarized below:

Microcomputer proficiency

All students in any College of Business Administration subplan, and all other students taking certain business courses, must demonstrate proficiency with specific microcomputer software packages. The proficiency must be demonstrated prior to taking any business course with the term “microcomputer proficiency” in the prerequisite list. Some business courses identify specific microcomputer packages in their prerequisite lists. In these cases, proficiency in the noted packages must be demonstrated prior to taking the course.

Microcomputer proficiency must be demonstrated by satisfying one of the following three alternatives:

  1. CIS 101.
  2. Microcomputer proficiency skills test in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  3. An approved college course.

There are no units associated with the microcomputer proficiency skills test. If the test is passed, then electives in the subplan selected may be increased by 4 units.

General Education requirements

(Required of all students)

Students should consult the catalog website for current information regarding this requirement. See the list of approved courses under General Education requirements, Areas A through E.

Core courses for all College of Business Administration majors

Required of all business majors. A 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in core courses, including subplan courses for the major, to receive a degree in the major.

Class NameNumberUnits
Statistics with Applications  STA 120 
Principles of Economics EC 201
Principles of Economics EC 202 
Legal Environment of Business Transactions FRL 201
Financial Accounting for Decision-Making  ACC 207/207(A)  4/1 
Managerial Accounting for Decision-Making  ACC 208/208(A)  4/1 
Managerial Finance I  FRL 300  3
Managerial Finance II  FRL 301  3
Principles of Management  MHR 301  4
Management Information Systems  CIS 310 
Principles of Marketing Management  IBM 301 
Operations Management   TOM 301 
Multicultural Organizational Behavior  MHR 310 

E-Business required courses

Students in the e-business specialization must take 28 units of foundation courses. These courses are meant to provide a common, baseline foundation in e-business. These courses are by their nature interdisciplinary, cutting across functional areas and more reflective of the emerging network structures of the new business model.

Class NameNumberUnits
Introduction to Electronic Business EBZ 301
E-Business Technology  EBZ 302
E-Business Customer Relationship Management EBZ 303
E-Business-enabled Supply Chain Management EBZ 304
E-Business Enterprise Resource Planning  EBZ 305 
E-Business Startup & Development EBZ 306
E-Business Practicum EBZ 466  4

E-Business career tracks

The e-business career track courses (20 units) provide more in-depth knowledge, skills and abilities in a sub-area of emphasis. These career tracks could be structured in several ways. Students must consult with an advisor in selecting these sub-area courses.


Class NameNumberUnits
E-Business Application Development EBZ 451
Purchasing Management  TOM 434
Electronic Commerce IBM 403
Creating a Business Plan MHR 423
Emergent Ventures MHR 425 

Content Creation and Management

Class NameNumberUnits
Object Oriented Programming with JAVA CIS 234
Introduction to Object Oriented Systems & Design  CIS 235
Intermediate JAVA Programming for Business CIS 304
Database Design & Development CIS 305
Interactive Web Development CIS 311
E-Business Technology   EBZ 302 
E-Business Practicum  EBZ 466 
plus one of the following two courses as electives:
Multimedia Applications CIS 421 4
E-Business Application Development  EBZ 451 

Supply Chain Management

Class NameNumberUnits
Business Logistics TOM 309
E-Business Application Development  EBZ 451
Transportation Systems & Traffic Management TOM 319
Operations Technologies & Strategies TOM 420
Purchasing Management TOM 434


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