Student Engagement

2017-2018 Academic Year

Student Engagement is a growing initiative in the Technology and Operations Management Department. We aim to provide out-of-the-classroom experiences to TOM and EBZ students that compliment what you're learning in class. Student Engagement Opportunities may involve research, internships, partnering with industry, case studies and any opportunity that compliments your curriculum. We encourage you to participate in these opportunities to enhance your resume, strengthen leadership skills and engage in professional development experiences.



BRIC Center Data Analytics and Process Improvement

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Shuo Zeng, Dr. Candice Huynh, Dr. Yuanjie He

Student Interns: Shen Jiang, Huy Tran, Nicholas Light, Eric Nurwono


 Boeing Big Data Analytics Project

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rita Kumar

Student Participants: Ilia Ermin, Conner Martin, Erik Larsen, Erinn Dockins, Leonardo Jimenez


Target Case Competition

Faculty Advisors: Zining Yang, Nammakal Balakrishnan, Dr. Kazem Darbandi, Dr. Wenge Zhu, Dr. Yuanjie He, Dr. Rita Kumar

Student Participants: 5 teams of TOM/EBZ Department students

Global Student Challenge Competition

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yuanjie He

Student Winners representing the state of California at the 2018 Global Finals:

Eric Nurwono, Alanis Leiva, Anelka Manukian, Huy Tran