College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Welcome to the 2015-2016 Academic Year!

On Campus

This year promises to be another exciting academic year as the department continues to grow. This year, we welcome Dr. Neil Chaturvedi to the department as an Assistant Professor of Political Science. Dr. Chaturvedi will be offering classes in American politics. Additionally, we are hiring another tenure-track professor in Comparative Politics to begin Fall 2016. 

Below, you will find a list of the courses currently being offered during the Fall. With the exception of PLS 207, we are offering every core course this quarter. We are also offering a variety of upper-division courses. Please note in parenthesis which area these upper-division courses fulfill for your degree requirements. Finally, you should find a brief synopsis of the various opportunities to get involved this quarter. 

Fall Courses

Core Courses

PLS 101 - Resources in Political Science
PLS 201 - Introduction to American Government
PLS 202 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLS 203 - Introduction to International Relations
PLS 204 - Introduction to Political Thought
PLS 205(A) - Introduction to Research Methods
PLS 206 - Public Administration
PLS 461 - Senior Thesis in Political Science
PLS 481 - Senior Internship in Political Science

Upper-Division Courses

PLS 308(A) - Mock Trial (Elective)
PLS 321 - Electoral Process (AP/PA)
PLS 325 - American Congress (AP/PA)
PLS 342 - Politics of Developing Areas (CP/IR)
PLS 382 - Politics, Policies, and Pop Culture (Elective)
PLS 346 - Contemporary Political Thought (PT/PL)
PLS 441 - European Government and Politics (CP/IR)
PLS 442 - Sub-Saharan African Government and Politics (CP/IR)
PLS 448 - East Asian Government and Politics (CP/IR)
PLS 455 - Foreign Relations of the United States (CP/IR)
PLS 481 - California Government (Elective)
PLS 499 - Special Topics in Public Administration (Elective)

Fall Opportunities and Involvement

Typically, fall quarter kicks off the first meetings of the many student organizations in the department. While you might be overwhelmed with the start of a new school year, the faculty strongly encourage that students take the time to learn about the various opportunities to participate in clubs and organizations on campus. 

Political Science Club

The first club meeting will be held on Thursday, October 1, 2015. The Political Science Club is the department's official liasion among our majors, staff and faculty. Typically, the club meets to discuss and share opinions about current political events. The Political Science Club also publicizes information about internships, careers, and graduate school. The first club meeting will be held in 5-136 from 12:00-1:00PM. Subsequently, the club meets every Thursday in the same room during university hour. Club advisors are Dr. Scarcelli ( and Dr. Guerrero ( 

National Model United Nations

Each year, Cal Poly Pomona sends a distinguished delegation of students to compete in the National Model United Nations Conference in New York City. Students enroll in a course during winter quarter where they become experts in an assigned country and its internal politics. Students write position papers that they present at the national conference during Spring Break. Call for applications and interviews will take place in the fall quarter. Club advisor is Dr. Lewis (  

Bronco Mock Trial

Bronco Mock Trial is a hybrid course/competitive debate organization where students assume the roles of lawyers and witnesses to simulate a legal trial. Mock Trial encourages students to learn about the workings of the American legal system, challenging students to be experts in cultivating their own opening statements, direct and cross examinations, closing arguments and even objections. Interested students can enroll in PLS 308(A) or contact Dr. Sabado ( about joining the team. 

CSU Washington DC

The CSU System encourages juniors and seniors (with above a 3.0GPA) to spend two quarters taking courses, interning and living in Washington DC. Affiliated with the CSU Fullerton program, students from all of the CSU campuses converge in our nation's captial to experience politics firsthand. Enrolled students can earn upper-division credits while still enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona. Tuition and fees remain the same for any regularly enrolled students, while support for internships and financial aid is provided. The deadline for Spring 2016 is September 28 and the deadline for Summer 2016 is mid-February. Contact Dr. Guerrero ( if you're interested in applying. 

CSU Semester in Sacramento

Similar to the CSUDC program, eligible juniors and seniors are encouraged to spend winter and spring taking courses, interning and living in our state capital, Sacramento. Affiliated with the CSU Sacramento program, students from all of the CSU campuses converge in our nation's capital to experience politics firsthand. The deadline for Spring 2016 is November 5. Click here to find more about the program and email Dr. Hargis ( if you're interested in applying. 

Judicial Internship Applications

Offered as PLS 381(A) every winter, Cal Poly Pomona students have the opportunity to experience judicial politics firsthand by shadowing a district court judge at the Pomona Courthouse. Eligible juniors and seniors can earn upper-division credit for the course which serves as an excellent primer for those considering a career in law. Applications and interviews will take place in the fall quarter. The call will go out via the major listserv.