College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Apply for Judicial Internship, Political Science Club E-Board, and Model UN for 2016-2017

Apply for Judicial Internship, Political Science Club E-Board, and Model UN for 2016-2017

The application process is now open for two special extracurricular opportunities that students should take advantage of: 

Judicial Internship | Monday, October 17, 5pm

Judicial Internship is now seeking applications for this winter's course. Each year, enrolled students get a firsthand look at the local judiciary and court system. Students meet to watch criminal cases, drug cases, juvenile court and jury selection. Students also have the opportunity to meet judges, district attorneys, and public defenders. Applications must be of sophomore standing or higher with an overall GPA of 3.0.

"The Judicial Internship Program at Cal Poly Pomona was an enjoyable yet rewarding experience. Being a third-year political science major and not knowing what career path I wanted to take once I graduated, motivated me to apply for this internship program. This program offers valuable insight on how the court systems work inside and out. Some days you’ll in on trials and get to see them first hand. On other days you’ll take trips to the jail systems whether it be the Twin Tower jails in downtown L.A or Juvenile Detention Center up in the hills of La Verne. On other days you’ll visit child courts and police station and witness their day to day activities, and how they work side-by-side with the judicial system of Los Angeles County. Altogether, the program exposes you to every possible area of work inside the criminal justice system; thanks to this program I now have a sense of direction regarding my future career path. Currently, I’m considering maybe pursuing a career in law enforcement as a result of Judicial Internship Program. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is still trying to figure out what they want to do as a career."  

-Alex Casteneda, Class of 2017

  • To download an application, click here.
  • To learn more about judicial internship and other internships, click here

Political Science Club Executive Board | Friday, October 21, 11:59pm

The Political Science Club is inviting all students, especially freshman and transfer students, to join the Executive Board of the 2016-2017 academic year. These different positions are intended to help the club grow and recruit more members throughout our major. The Political Science Club serves a number of different purposes, but the main goals of the club include: 

  • To be the liaison between the departments and students
  • Provide opportunities to students
  • Encourage involvement with the school and local communities
  • To participate in civil/intellectual political discourse
The new Executive Board positions are as follows. To learn more about the responsibilites about each position, ask one of our current Executive Board members or please attend the club meetings during u-hour on Thursdays in 5-138. 
Student Commissioner Positions: Social Positions:
Underclassman Commissioner Social Chair
Underclassman Commissioner Outreach Chair
Transfer Commissioner
The applications for these appointed positions are due October 21st by 11:59PM, To access the application, click here.

National Model UN Team | Friday, October 28, 5pm

The National Model United Nations Team is now seeking applications for this year's team. The team has an outstanding history of winning awards and recognition for Cal Poly Pomona. Selected team members attend the national meeting during the week of March 17-March 25, 2017 in New York City. Students from all grade levels are encouraged to apply. For further information, pick up an application form from the Dean's Office, CLASS, Building 5, Room 158.

"NMUN is a challenging but amazing experience where you get to put your research, public speaking, and writing skills to test! I was always deathly afraid of public speaking but I have grown to be more comfortable talking in front of a group of people due to the countless times that NMUN has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have also had the opportunity to meet and become friends with amazing people across the country and the globe. The experience also expanded my view of the world and fostered my interest in international relations. Although there were times where I felt overwhelmed by the workload, all the hard work paid off when the Cal Poly Pomona NMUN team won awards at the NMUN NY conference. Being able to go into the General Assembly of the United Nations and listen to world leaders speak is a humbling, inspiring experience that everyone should be able to experience. This is definitely one of the most rewarding opportunities for a Cal Poly Pomona student and I would highly encourage everyone to apply!"

-Tara Kwan, Class of 2017, Co-Head Delegate