College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Spring 2019 course: Apply to be a Judicial Intern by this Thursday, October 18

The Judicial Internship program for Spring 2019 is now accepting applications. Students spend Monday and Wednesday mornings visiting and observing court sessions at the LA Superior Courthouse in Pomona and meeting with the judges and lawyers involved in the various courts, including civil, family, criminal, juvenile, etc.  The program's supervising judge also schedules visits (also Monday and Wednesday mornings) to Loyola Law School, a juvenile rehabilitation camp, a jail, a sheriff’s department, and a civil law firm.  Every other Friday morning, students will meet with Dr. Jill Hargis on campus to discuss the Internship's activities.

The application is due Thursday, October 18 to the Political Science Department by 5pm, and students can find the application online at the homepage of the college.