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The Department of Political Science promotes and tenures two of its outstanding faculty members

Mario Guerrero and Marc Scarcelli are awarded tenure and promotion

Congratulations to Mario Guerrero and Marc Scarcelli, who have both been tenured and received promotion to the rank of associate professor. The tenure track process plays a vital role in helping Cal Poly Pomona recruit and retain a well-qualified and diverse faculty. This recent news is one step further in achieving the University's goal of managed change and the recruitment and retention of a well-qualified and diverse community of teacher-scholars.

Mario Guerrero, Associate Professor

Mario GuerreroJoining the department in 2012, Mario Guerrero teaches courses on American politics including the presidency, Congress, and elections. His research includes work on campaign finance, emerging communication technologies, and other facets of political behavior. In 2018, he is the chair of the Undergraduate Faculty Advisory Committee, faculty fellow for the Office of the Undergraduate Research, and a member of the Western Political Science Association's (WPSA) Executive Council. Dr. Guerrero was named Outstanding Faculty Advisor for Cal Poly Pomona in 2016. He has served as the past president for the American Political Science Association's Latino Caucus, a Ford Foundation Fellow, and RAND Faculty Leader. To read more about Prof. Guerrero and his acheivements, visit his website

Marc Scarcelli, Associate Professor

Marc ScarcelliJoining the department in 2014 having previously served in faculty positions at Ohio University and Bowdoin College, Marc Scarcelli teaches courses on international relations and comparative politics, offering a broad range of security topics, from war and terrorism to ethnic conflict and other non-state security threats. His research focuses on ethnic conflict and modern civil wars. He also maintains a strong personal interest in matters of extreme poverty, stemming from his background on involvement with humanitarian development work in Haiti. To read more about Prof. Scarcelli and his acehivements, visit his faculty profile