College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Mario Guerrero named Cal Poly Pomona Outstanding Advisor

Mario Guerrero receives the Outstanding Advisor AwardDr. Mario Guerrero was named Cal Poly Pomona Outstanding Advisor for the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. The Outstanding Advisor Awards recognize the outstanding efforts on this campus to support student success. They recognize individuals and programs that encourage students to establish goals and objectives, that seek practical and innovative solutions to students’ problems, and that seek opportunities to grow professionally.

Since joining the department four years ago, Dr. Guerrero has been dedicated to the advising and success of our political science majors. As a senior thesis advisor, he began and expanded the Senior Conference, which showcases the work of our seniors in their capstone class. He also works closely to mentor undergraduates in their research endeavors, bringing them to conferences, co-authoring papers with students, and supporting their research endevaors. 

As the Outsanding Advisor for 2015-2016, Dr. Guerrero will also serve as a mace bearer for graduation and deliver an address to our 2016 graduates. Congratulations Dr. Guerrero!

Dr. Mario Guerrero teaches courses on American politics including the presidency, Congress, and elections. His research includes work on campaign finance, emerging communication technologies, and other facets of political behavior. He currently serves as the President for the American Political Science Association's Latino Caucus and is a Ford Foundation Fellow.