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Dr. Sandra Emerson and Dr. Jing Wang publish survey research from the California legislature

Congratulations to Dr. Sandra Emerson and Dr. Jing Wang who recently had their co-authored manuscript published in Public Integrity.

Public Integrity is the premier scholarly journal addressing ethical issues affecting society.  Articles analyze key ethical issues in the fields of government, business, NGOs, nonprofits, corruption, law, social equity, leadership, criminal justice, environment, and human rights.  Its broad scope of articles, thought-provoking editorials, and expert book reviews make it an essential resource in ethical research and a tool for advancing modern, informed dialogue on the topic across the globe. Public Integrity is sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration, and serves as a resource for both scholars and professionals.

Dr. Emerson and Wang explore the role and responsibility of public administrators from the eyes of the state legislature:

This article reexamines the ethical responsibility of public administrators by investigating their role in policy process as perceived by legislators. The current dilemma for public administrators is how to pursue the public good in Madison’s model of checks and balances. California legislators in the 2014 session were surveyed regarding four policy scenarios and their perceptions of the administrator’s role in policymaking. Their responses are used to explore how legislators’ perceptions of the administrator redefine the administrator’s ethical environment. Factional factors (e.g., party divisions) may serve as an invitation for administrative input in the legislative policy process.

Check out their article here. Congratulations once again to Dr. Emerson and Dr. Wangi!