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Political science major helps introduce CA Senate Bill during her semester in Sacramento

Marisol Ibarra ('19) is currently living and working in the state capitol, participating in California State University’s ‘Semester in Sacramento’ program. Last fall, Marisol applied to be able to take courses and intern for a state lawmaker. In January, Marisol moved to Sacramento in order to begin working for California State Senator Melissa Hurtado.

Marisol Ibarra with Gavin Newsom

Senator Hurtado represents California Senate District 14, which includes cities in Fresno, Kern, Kings, and Tulare Counties. Hurtado began serving in the Senate in November 2018, having been elected as a councilmember in the city of Sanger.

Marisol Ibarra with CA Senator Hurtado

While in Sacramento, Marisol has had the opportunity to “learn by doing”, working closely with the senator as a key member of her staff. Marisol helped introduced SB 436, which will formalize Family Resource Centers across the state. This bill will significantly contribute to California’s Office of Child Abuse Prevention, helping thousands of children across California. Marisol is also working on helping draft legislation for another bill, SB 331, which will require all California counties to develop a suicide prevention strategic plan, with an emphasis on teens.

Marisol Ibarra with Dolores Huerta
And interning in Sacramento also comes with its perks! Marisol is a regular attendee of events at the Capitol. She recently met Governor Gavin Newsom and American labor leader/civil rights activist Dolores Huerta.

Students who are interested in interning and living in Sacramento should apply to the program in fall. Every fall, the department recruits a student to attend the semester in Sacramento.