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The Political Science Club announces brand new peer mentoring program

Peer Mentoring Handout

The Political Science Club is proud to announce the Political Science Peer Mentoring Program which has the support of the Political Science Department! 

It is a great opportunity to get more involved with the club, help out your fellow political science majors (don't you wish you had someone to guide you through your early years?!), and build up your resume! All you have to do is sign up! The club will pair you up with mentee(s) and facilitate the exchange of contact information. The peer mentoring program is meant to be as simple as exchanging contact information and communicating via text/email/call over questions such as class registration. Of course, a more invested mentor-mentee relationship such as attending club events together is encouraged! 

Peer Mentee Sign-ups (First Year, Second Year, & new transfers)

Peer Mentor Sign-ups (Third year political science majors and higher)

Sign up here to be a peer mentor (third year Political Science major and up)