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Summer Reading: Inside the Mind of Donald Trump

In the 2016 presidential election, Republican nominee Donald Trump has thrown this year’s contest for President of the United States into a tailspin. A conventional presidential candidate, he’s not.

In June 2016, the Atlantic Monthly ran a front page cover story covering the psychology and mind of Donald Trump. For political scientists, fundamental features of human personality—such as extroversion and narcissism—help shape the distinctive leadership styles of our elected officials and the decisions they make. Dan P. McAdams writes about Trump’s dispositions, cognitive styles, motivations and self-conceptions that comprise his unique psychological makeup.

The Department of Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona has assigned the Atlantic Monthly article for summer reading. Freshman and transfer students have been given a copy of June’s Atlantic Monthly to read up on Trump and other current political events. When school resumes in September, professors will discuss McAdams’s article with students in various courses and at department events.

Read the Atlantic Monthly article here: