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Take 30 Semester Units A Year

Get in gear! Take 30 semester units a year

Want to graduate on time? Save money? Get better grades? Plan for 30 semester units every academic year to stay on track.*  

 30 Saves You Money
 Extra years of college can cost you thousands, both in what you pay and what you lose from not having a job. Based on 2017-18 Cal Poly Pomona tuition costs, completing only 24 units per year in 5 years costs an extra $7,300. Completing only 20 units per year in 6 years costs an extra $14,600.* 
*These figures exclude housing, parking and other school-related fees. 
30 Gives You Brain Food
According to reports from Complete College America, students who take 30 semester units per year tend to get higher GPAs. When it comes to getting better grades, taking 30 units is a no-brainer. 
30 is your ticket to graduation
Taking 30 semester units per year dramatically increases your chances of reaching graduation. Plus, graduating on time means that you can take advantage of more opportunities outside of school, like being able to travel, volunteer or start a graduate degree. 

*Most degrees at Cal Poly Pomona are 120 semester units or 180 quarter units. Taking 30 units per year puts students who are on these degree programs on track to graduate in two (for transfer students) or four years (for first-time freshmen). Engineering and architecture degrees have more units and are considered five-year programs. Visit your academic advisor to do your longterm academic planning and determine your unit load.