Apparel Merchandising and Management

Mission and Values


The mission of the Apparel Merchandising and Management program is to provide high quality instructional, research and outreach programs that respond to the needs of individuals and organizations, especially those domiciled in southern California.

This mission embraces:

  • State of the art educational programs that link theory with practice to prepare students to be effective leaders within the apparel production and distribution sector, and in alternate career destinations.
  • Scholarship that advances knowledge about the people and technologies involved in the creation, production, distribution, consumption and teaching of apparel for the benefit of the industry, the profession, society in general, and for the enhancement of our instructional programs.
  • Outreach activities that support the apparel business and educational communities in southern California and beyond, including teacher education, technical training and management education programs.

Program Goals

Bachelor of Science Degree in Apparel Merchandising and Management program goals

  1. The program will provide knowledge of apparel and textile products, processes, and related technologies.
  2. The program will provide students with an understanding of aesthetics and consumer behavior as they apply to the textiles and apparel industries.
  3. The program will provide students with an understanding of how the industry meets the needs and wants of consumers, markets, and society at large in an interdependent global economy.
  4. The program will cultivate the development of professional attitudes and provide graduates with skills so they will be able to function and behave in a professional manner in the competitive apparel industry.

Master of Science Degree in International Apparel Management program goals

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  1. Recognize and demonstrate effective teamwork and visionary leadership with ethical integrity.
  2. Apply theoretical concepts to the practice of business management in an international context.
  3. Integrate knowledge across the disciplines within International Apparel Management to formulate effective strategies to solve problems faced by an apparel business.
  4. Design an original research study in International Apparel Management.