Apparel Merchandising and Management

Department Labs & Other Instructional Facilities

As a business and technology oriented degree program, almost all of the courses in Apparel Merchandising and Management (AMM) have a Laboratory or Activity session where students complete projects that demonstrate their understanding of course principles and concepts. Students show their creativity, problem-solving, analytical and reasoning skills in a wide variety of course topics. This diversity of hands-on experience gives graduates the equivalent of almost two years of work experience.

Software Applications and Computer Labs

Students will work with various software applications to learn product design, pattern-making, technical packages, 3-D body scanning, 3-D printing, Virtual fit visualization and draping, enterprise resource planning, business information systems and more. This includes Tukatech, Adobe Creative Suite, Optitex, Browswear, AIMS, and a retail point-of-sale and retail data management system. The department has 3 computer labs providing students with the opportunity to learn the above software applications.

Apparel Production Lab

Students work in the labs with the diverse technologies used in today’s apparel production and distribution sector. In our 3,000 square foot apparel production lab we have a full range of industrial sewing, ultrasonic bonding, embroidery, direct to garment printing, and finishing equipment. We also have an Eton computer-controlled Unit Production System and other raised bed sewing production equipment to learn various production systems.

Textile and Garment Testing Lab

In the textile and garment testing lab we have a comprehensive set of equipment for testing fibers, yarns, fabrics and garments according to ASTM and AATCC standards. These include Instron tensile tester for measuring the strength and extensibility of fibers and textiles; a spectrophotometer for accurately measuring and communicating fabric color, a critical issue in a global industry; a flammability tester; a Weatherometer, and a Laundrometer for wash testing fabrics and garments to name a few.

Digital Production Lab/Micro-Factory

The digital production lab includes a 3D body scanner, 3-D Printer, Direct to Garment Printer, and related software for various 2D and 3D applications. The department is in the process of expanding this lab to turn it into a micro-factory by adding digital printing, sublimation printing, laser cutting and flexible apparel sewing line to achieve purchase activated manufacturing, personalization and customization. These initiatives are implemented to teach the students considering the move for digitalization in the apparel industry

BLDG45 Boutique (and Warehouse)

The BLDG45 boutique (our retail laboratory) includes a Clover retail point-of sale-system with both in-store and mobile card readers, bar code scanner, and computer system that automates purchases over the Internet and communicates with the Apparelscapes warehouse inventory management system.

 We are grateful to software and equipment vendors for their generous support.  Their contribution to the AMM program provides additional learning opportunities for our students.