International Business and Marketing

IBM Department Chair

Department Chair

Dr. Jun Myers

Office: 164-3081

Ph.D. University of Minnesota


Message from the Chair

Welcome to the International Business and Marketing (IBM) Department! 

We prepare students for careers in international business, marketing management or a combination of the two disciplines. This department offers graduate and undergraduate students an extensive array of specialized courses and practical learning experiences to help them “hit the ground running” upon graduation to quickly become an asset to their employers.

We educate people for our increasingly complex, culturally diverse, technologically advanced and internationally connected world. This is demonstrated through our faculty's commitment to excellent teaching and scholarship, allowing us to effectively reach both traditional and non-traditional students. We use active learning to involve our students in active learning experiences to sharpen their knowledge and skills beyond the textbooks or lectures. Our award-winning and unique service learning projects successfully incorporate active learning skills and empower our students to make a difference in society, work, and school. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the IBM department! 


Dr. Jun Myers