International Business and Marketing

Student research

Multiple opportunities exist for motivated students to research alongsisde IBM faculty. While it is an intensive, extracurricular time commitment that usually extends one academic year or longer, the mentorship opportunity to work closely with CPP faculty can be extremely rewarding.

"Engage in learning experiences that broaden your perspectives and insights while helping to create new knowledge. You will have the opportunity to work on a team, improve your oral and written communication skills, and have a chance to discover what really interests you."   -- CPP Office of Undergraduate Research


Finding faculty to research with

We encourage you to look at faculty's current research and connect with them if there is a match with interests you may have. In addition, the Customer Insights and Analytics emphasis track provides the opportunity to develop research skills in the classroom and apply them to external consulting, and possibily an academic research project.

Students who exhibit exceptional commitment to research are eligible to graduate with a Research Distinction.

IBM Faculty who have been recognized as "Faculty Mentor Research Stars" include:

  • Jae Min Jung
  • L. Lin Ong


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