International Business and Marketing

Faculty Seminars

IBM faculty enjoy sharing their work together -- whether it is research or teaching, we have a collegial environment to share in successes and help each other work through thorny research or teaching questions. Together this helps us exemplify Cal Poly Pomona's Teacher Scholar Model.


Faculty Research Talks

The IBM Department's Research Talk series is a research colloquium in which faculty members and students present their most recent works to inform their own research and disseminate discovered knowledge. Since its inception in 2012 by Dr. Jae Min Jung, Research Talks has been a fun, informal venue to get to hear latest research accompanied by stimulating discussions and, of course, food, in a relaxing, friendly environment.

The research can be at a conceptual stage, data analysis stage, a completed manuscript before submission, a conference presentation stage, etc. to get feedback from our creative, innovative, and collegial colleagues. Discussions at the research talks often spur new research and collaboration among faculty members. Faculty members from related disciplines are encouraged to attend for an interdisciplinary interchange of ideas and collaboration.

Research Talks welcome any behavioral business research topics including, but not limited to, basic or applied research, pedagogical research, innovative teaching case, primary or secondary data, behavioral data, and interdisciplinary research. Although we took a slight pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to continuing the Research Talk tradition in the future!


Faculty teaching brownbag seminar

Initially begun as a support and idea group to help IBM faculty pivoting to the online teaching modality during the COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty teaching brownbag seminars have since become a forum to discuss useful teaching techniques, tools, and innovations.

Please contact Dr. Cindy Liu if you have questions. If you are looking for additional teaching resources, please see the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE).