Management and Human Resources

Recruiter Info

MHR students are required to demonstrate skills for tackling real challenges in local work settings. Employers looking for project help or business assistance should post positions here. The Talent-finder provides you an opportunity to find help. Please feel free to call (909) 869-2414 for further information.

Need interns?

Many employers gain great benefit by offering internship opportunities for MHR students needing that first chance to put their professional skills to work. We welcome your informing us of problems and tasks that individuals or teams could undertake on behalf of private or public organizations. Generally moderate stipends are provided for part-time contributions of 20-or-so hours a week. Larger projects may be assigned to teams of students collaboratively pursuing Senior Project opportunities. Please see below. In order to learn more about these opportunities, please contact Dr. Xuguang (Steve) Guo, the MHR department chair.

Career Center

Employers seeking candidates for full-time positions requiring substantial professional experience are encouraged to post their employment needs at the Cal Poly Pomona BroncoConnection, accessible from the Career Center's Cal Poly Pomona website.

Intern opportunities

If you are seeking highly qualified candidates for part-time or internship positions in Human Resources, Management, or Entrepreneurship, you may contact Dawn Finley at the Career Center to facilitate posting on BroncoConnection.

Contact information

Dawn Finley
Job Location and Development Coordinator
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Career Center
Phone: (909) 869-4048
Fax: (909) 869-4366