Educational Leadership Department

Program Features


In our efforts to develop a program that meets the needs of credential candidates and facilitates the best possible experiences, we are committed to the following: 

COHORT MODEL - You will progress through the program in a cohort of peers who also aspire to be outstanding school leaders.  As a professional learning community, you and your colleagues will be able to not only support one another as you progress through the program, but also to develop a network that will be helpful in your future career as a school administrator;

CLASSES IN LOCAL DISTRICTS - In most cases, you will be taking your credential courses at a school site in one of our partner districts.  

ONE-DAY PER WEEK - Our cohort instruction is offered face-to-face in the late afternoon and evening one day a week.  Meetings for fieldwork occur at each candidate’s work site with the candidate’s Site Supervisor (usually your principal) and the University Fieldwork Supervisor on a TBD basis.

The Administrative Intern Program

Candidates also have the option to participate in the Administrative Intern Program at the request of your participating school district. The candidate must be actively enrolled in the Preliminary Administrative Service Credential program and must have an offer of employment from the participating district. The District must then enter a contract with the University that stipulates the conditions under which the District and the University Program Coordinator will supervise and assist the Intern in meeting the program's requirements. To become part of this intern program, if candidates meet the criteria for participation, the candidate should email the credential analyst, Jennifer Garcia, at