Educational Leadership Department

Congratulations, Class of 2020 and 2021!

We are very proud of the accomplishments of the students in the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program who have completed their programs of study!  As scholar-practitioner educational leaders who champion social justice and demonstrate equity-minded educational leadership, we know that you will continue to make significant contributions to student success and educational improvement in the field. We congratulate you on your outstanding work while in our educational leadership programs and congratulate you on your completion of a rigorous program of study that deepened your knowledge and skills as educational leaders. Our department faculty celebrates your accomplishments and extends our best wishes for your continued success throughout your future. 

Class of 2021

Christian Abson

Dissertation: Case Study: Social Skills Group for College Students with ASD

Maureen Castanon

Dissertation: Strengthening the Pipelines: Special Education Teachers

Kan "Bella" Li

Dissertation: Hear Their Voices: Inquiry into How Chinese International Students in the U.S. Develop Career Readiness

Thomas Marino

Dissertation: Exploring the Mental Health of Veterinary Students Engaged in a Problem-Based Learning Curriculum

Joanna Schiestl

Dissertation: Refugee Experiences with Community Based Programming: Implications for Engaged Scholarship

Rica Romero Toribio

Dissertation: The Paradoxical Outliers: The Identity Conundrum Among Philippine-Born Millennials in California Education Institutions

Lisa Xue

Dissertation: Preparing Chinese International Students for Graduate Studies in a U.S. University Through a Pathway Program: A Case Study

Not pictured:

Sydney Lin
Dissertation: Exploring Chinese International Student Remote Learning Experience During COVID-19

Class of 2020

Nogol Andishehjoo

Dissertation: The Influence of a Holistic Education on Adolescents’ Self-Efficacy

Gonzalo Avila

Dissertation: Increasing Latinos in the Role of Elementary Principal: Narratives of Six Latinos' Journeys to the Principalship

Angelique Butler

Dissertation: Creating Spaces for African American Parental Engagement in Predominately Latinx Schools

Alicia Castaneda

Dissertation: Factors That Contribute to Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Teaching English Language Learners

Wendy Chincilla

Dissertation: La Voz Latina: First-Generation, Low-Income Latina College Graduates’ Journey to Academic Success

Elvia Madrigal

Dissertation: Dual Language Implementation

Andrew Persad

Dissertation: How Effective do Beginning Teachers and Mentors Perceive the District Induction Program is During Their First Four Months of Teaching? A Multi-Case Study

Anthony Rice

Dissertation: The Underrepresentation of African American Males in District Leadership or Principal Roles