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CEIS Newsletter: April 2021

Current students and faculty in the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program were featured in the College of Education and Integrative Studies Newsletter for presenting conference papers and receiving national recognition for their research efforts.

Education Doctoral Program Announces Key Achievements

Current students, alumni and faculty of the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program have recently presented conference papers, received recognition for their research efforts and attained notable career successes.

Ed Leadership Department Chair to Receive Living Legend Award

Professor Betty Alford, chair of the Department of Educational Leadership, will be presented with the International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership’s (ICPEL) Living Legend Award.

Donor Funds CEIS Research On K-12 Social Justice and Equity

The Department of Educational Leadership in the College of Education and Integrative Studies will utilize donated funds to develop a report to promote equity and social justice in K-12 schools.

Ed.D. Student and Doctoral Alums Win Professional and Academic Awards

Awards and special recognition have been given to several affiliates of Cal Poly Pomona’s Educational Leadership Doctoral Program during the 2018-19 academic school year.

Doctoral Program Graduate Wins National Dissertation Award

Robert Sortino, a CEIS doctoral alumnus, recently received the Paul T. Begley Award for graduate student research on the values and ethics of educational leadership.

Faculty, Student and Alumni Podcasts

Educational Equity

Assistant Professor Liane Hypolite discusses how legislative leaders can help advance educational equity for underserved youth. She also shares how educators can use technology to engage their students in a remote setting. 

Equity and Social Justice

Assistant Professor Eligio Martinez shares how educational leaders can promote equity and social justice in schools. He also discusses his research agenda on young men of color and community college attendance

Local Control Funding Formula

Educational leaders Rosario Ambriz and Stacy Ayers are joined by Assistant Professor Taylor Allbright to discuss California’s efforts to make school funding more equitable.

Admin Services Credential Program

CEIS alums discuss how the Administrative Services Credential Program prepares its students to be effective school administrators, improve school performance and meet the needs of diverse students. Educational leaders Rebecca Summers, Kevin Jamero and Byron Yip are joined by Professor Emeritus Anthony Avina.

Doctoral Program

Educational leaders Adriana Gonzalez, Dayna Mitchell and Robert Sortino discuss how being a doctoral student is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of one’s career.

Educational Leadership

Professor Betty Alford discusses how the field of educational leadership has evolved, moving away from the narrow concept of “school administrator,” the way her doctoral program tailors its courses to better meet the needs of busy professionals, and the individualized, practical nature of the students’ research projects.