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Equity-Minded Leadership Podcast



The Equity-Minded Leadership Podcast features alumni of the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Cal Poly Pomona. The graduates share how their dissertation research on issues of equity have further influenced their work as equity-minded educational leaders in K-12 school settings. These podcasts were designed to share tangible practices and processes that serve as exemplars of equity-focused educational leadership. The Equity-Minded Leadership Research and Resources are supported by the Barbara Nakaoka Foundation.

Episode 1: Dr. Adriana Gonzalez

In this episode, middle school principal Dr. Adriana Gonzalez shares how she was able to strengthen a school-wide culture of equity and quality at her school site. View the episode here.

Episode 2: Drs. Angelique Butler and Alicia Castanada

In this episode, Drs. Angelique Butler and Alicia Castaneda discuss how their schools were able to address equity gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. View the episode here.

Episode 3: Dr. June Sakaue

June Sakaue, principal of Branford Elementary School, shares some insight on principal leadership that leads to student success in elementary education. View the episode here
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