Educational Leadership Department


Completion of the Ed.D. Degree requires 60 semester units. The program is designed to enable you to complete your doctorate in three years. Courses will be scheduled for your convenience during alternating Saturdays. Schedules are developed for the entire year to allow for your planning.

Summer Semester

EDD 7000 - Leadership for Learning

EDD 7010 - Research Learning Community Seminar (RLCS): Introduction to Doctoral Studies and Dissertation Research

Fall Semester

EDD 7030 - Quantitative Research Methods for School Improvement

EDD 7140 - Leadership for Equity and Advocacy

Spring Semester

EDD 7060 - Qualitative Research Methods for School Improvement

EDD 7070 - Education Policy, Systemic Reform, and Social Justice

Summer Semester

EDD 7080 - Building School/Community Partnerships for Student Success

EDD 7120 - Creating the Conditions for Student Success

Fall Semester

EDD 7110 - Advanced Quantitative Research OR EDD 7111 - Advanced Qualitative Research

EDD 7020/7020L - Leading and Learning with Technology

EDD 7100 - Research Learning Community Seminar: Literature Review

Spring Semester

EDD 7040 - Organizational Culture and Institutional Change

EDD 7150 - RLCS - Developing a Dissertation Proposal

Summer Semester

EDD 7090 - Maximizing Fiscal and Human Resources for Student Success

EDD 7170 - Global Perspectives on Educational Leadership, Achievement, and Equity

Fall Semester

EDD 7180 - Research: Dissertation

EDD 7160  - Synthesizing Key Concepts of Ethics, Equity and Social Justice for Transformative Leadership 

EDD 8000  - Dissertation 

Spring Semester

EDD 7190 - RLCS - Dissertation Completion

EDD 8000 - Dissertation