Disability Resource Center

Audio Recording Accommodation

The following instructions on how to audio record lectures are provided for the benefit of:

  • Students who are eligible for and have requested Notetaking Services accommodations and will be recording lectures to send to NTE to receive their notes; and/or
  • Students who are eligible for and have requested to use Notetaking Support accommodations such as audio recording of lectures.

Recording Agreement

Students are required to adhere to the following conditions prior to using the accommodation:

  • Understand the recorded material will be solely used for their personal use for educational purposes and will not be reproduced or shared in any way.
  • Understand the recorded material is protected under federal and international copyright legislation and may not be published or quoted (this includes social media) without the instructor's explicit consent.
  • Understand they must stop recording if personal or sensitive information is being shared.
  • Understand they must delete all recordings at the end of the term.

Violation of any of these conditions will be reported to Student Conduct and Integrity for disciplinary action which may include suspension or expulsion from the University.


DRC provides a NTE account to students eligible for Notetaking Services.  The NTE App offers the easiest option to record in person and virtual classes.  

  1. Download app for iOS device or Android device
  2. Login using NTE username and password located in Welcome email sent from NTE
  3. Start recording using app recording button, internet not needed.
  4. During class, take your own notes and write down what is on the board
  5. Complete recording at end of class
  6. Name recording to save to your NTE app
  7. When you believe you need notes for the class session, upload recording and supporting materials to NTE (internet required)
  8. Notes will be emailed to you in 24-48 hours
Students that are not eligible for NTE but have a Notetaking Support Accommodation such as Audio Recording, can use the app to record only (do not upload to project to receive notes, Step 7 above).

Additional Recording Options

Audio Recording Checklist

DRC recommends students practice using their chosen recording method and verify it works before recording for class. Below is a checklist of items to confirm during practice and after each recording. 

  • Recording can pick up other people talking 
  • Recording does not cutout or stop 
  • Recording can pick up sound properly (I.e. is loud enough, can record instructor speaking at a distance if needed) 
  • Recording can be saved and uploaded to NTE website (any recording file is accepted) 
  • If possible, recording can pick up self-talking 
If students are having difficulty audio recording, please contact drcnotetaking@cpp.edu.