Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

Learning Outcomes

The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies has a unique set of learning outcomes related to Cal Poly Pomona's institutional mission and goals, and more importantly, objectives specific to the Masters in Regenerative Studies (MSRS) program.

MSRS Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine the complexities of sustainability and regeneration.
  2. Analyze contemporary environmental issues.
  3. Evaluate the processes and systems that support daily life.
  4. Critically evaluate the role of individual and community practices in relation to sustainability.
  5. Evaluate institutional structures at multiple scales for achieving sustainable living.
  6. Implement technology to meet the needs and capacities of communities.
  7. Synthesize multiple disciplinary approaches to describe environmental problems and develop solutions.
  8. Design and implement research or investigative methods for addressing questions that inform the knowledge base of regenerative studies.

MSRS Learning Outcomes.pdf