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Students, faculty and visiting scholars conduct research and demonstration projects at the Lyle Center. Spanning disciplines in design, physical and social sciences, engineering and beyond, their work demonstrate the ways in which regenerative studies are intertwined in inquiries to shape and understand a future in which regenerative systems play an increasing role in advancing innovations to uplift our local and global communities.

The list of projects and theses are listed separately in the page tabs according to bibliographic MMS ID, author name, and subject. The list exemplifies the diversity of topics with relevant connections to regenerative studies -- from sustainable architecture and energy consumption, to wastewater and watershed issues, to air quality and transportation, to finance and community development, to ecology and biological monitoring.

Submissions inventoried on this page date before 2016 and can be located using their MMS IDs.

Theses and graduate projects submitted after 2017 are available in ScholarWorks, the California State University system's digital repository for all 23 campus' student dissertations and theses, faculty publications, research datasets, and open educational resources. 

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The projects inventoried in the section below were submitted before 2016. You can find their bibliographic records catalogued in a network zone by using their respective MMS IDs.

Lyle Center Projects (2016 and earlier)

MMS ID Title Author Subjects
991004839609702915 Experience of implementing solar PV systems for Kinana secondary school of rural Tanzania, Africa / Berkowitz, Rael J. Solar collectors--Evaluation.
991005010029702195 Raising environmental awareness in children through a picture book : "a rainbow undersea" / Romero, Maria Children--Books and reading.; Environmental protection--Citizen participation.; Family life education.

The theses inventoried in the section below were submitted before 2016. You can find their bibliographic records catalogued in a network zone by using their respective MMS IDs.

Theses after 2017 can be found in the digital archives of CSU ScholarWorks in the Lyle Center ScholarWorks Collection. 

Master of Science, Regenerative Studies (MSRS) Theses

MMS ID Title Author Subjects
991002777079702915 Comparisons of thermal comfort between a superadobe dome test cell and a wood-framed test cell using passive energy strategies / Swick, Jonah Bennett. Architecture and energy conservation.; Commercial buildings--Heating and ventilation.; Solar buildings.; Solar energy--Passive systems.
991002911489702915 The average residential landscape : a tool for determining four attributes of an average residential landscape within Southern California / Kent, Douglas. Environmental impact analysis.; Landscape assessment.
991003194419702915 A field investigation at the L.E.E.D. Platinum Inland Empire utilities agency headquarters, Chino, California : examining patterns of portable heater use and their possible effect on energy performance / Metcalf, Thomas Kevin. Energy consumption.; Temperature control.
991003276619702915 Ecological salience, human adaptation, and the succession of tradition : a study of the transition of traditional agricultural knowledge across time and space through human emigration / Humel, Eric Matthew. Landscaping industry--Employees--Attitudes.
991003330149702000 Sustainable architecture design principles (SADP) in the American Institute of Architecture, Orange county chapter : a benchmark study of their knowledge of, attitudes towards & implementation levels of SADP / Keltz, Rowan Karen. Architecture--Environmental aspects.; Energy consumption--Forecasting.
991003330219702000 Nature-based shower cooling system / Gavina, Carlo. Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery--Research.
991003517139702915 Analysis of water treatment performed by selected strains of microalgae with characterization of oils yielded from the resulting biomass / Selwitz, Jason L. Biodiesel fuels--Research.; Water reuse--Research.
991003732169702915 Energy input analysis of Santa Monica BayKeeper's kelp restoration project / Meux, Brian Milton. Kelp bed ecology.; Restoration ecology.
991003844099702915 Characteristics of solid waste associated with land based tourism on Caribbean islands / Serra, Maddalena. Islands--Panama.; Tourism--Panama.; Islands.; Pollution.; Tourism.; Panama.
991004070029702915 Cogs, hubs, and links : social bicycling in Los Angeles / Jusay, Anthony. Bicycle trails--California.; Bicycle trails.; Cycling--Law and legislation.; California.
991004070099702915 Implementing papercrete in a low cost housing prototype for Tijuana, Mexico / West, Matthew Jade. Concrete--Additives.; Recycled products.
991004122469702915 Regenerating semi-open spaces in Iranian house architecture / Rezvan, Azita. Outdoor living spaces--Iran.; Outdoor living spaces.; Iran.
991004198949702915 The estimation of Cal Poly Pomona campus' carbon storage and sequestration by examining campus trees / Yalcin, Telat. Trees--Effect of greenhouse gases on.
991004198969702915 The behavior of biodegradable food containers in vermicompost system / Hall, Lora May. Compost industry.; Vermicomposting.
991004208259702915 Food waste as a resource : rethinking our waste infrastructure / LaPrade, Carolyn J. L. Compost industry.; Greenhouse gas mitigation.; Sanitary landfills.
991004210989702915 The cultivation of three tropical species of oyster mushroom (Pleurotius spp.) on a water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) substrate under rustic conditions in coastal Veracruz, Mexico. / Zentmyer, Eric H. Pleurotus ostreatus--Growing media.; Water hyacinth--Utilization.
991004212649702915 Studies in solar food dryer design and function / Rusina. Heidi. Solar food dryers.
991004276009702915 Appropriate technology : a field study of residential thermosiphoning air panels in Tecate, Mexico / McFadden, Michelle A. Solar heating--Thermomechanical treatment--Rating of.; Rural development--Mexico.
991004296039702915 Autonomous fluidized building envelopes / Issertes-Carbonnier, Eric-Valentin. Sustainable buildings--Design and construction.
991004296899702915 Home composting in Pomona, California : practices, preferences and diversions / Rivadeneyra, Alana. Organic wastes--Recycling--Surveys.; Organic wastes--Recycling.; Surveys.
991004321779702915 Stormwater best management practices : their use in landscape architecture practice / Herndon-Steen, Amelia Nilophar. Best management practices (Pollution prevention)--Effectiveness--California, Southern.; Runoff--California, Southern--Evaluation.
991004345949702915 Impacts of synthetic lawns on urban ecological systems : a comparison with other lawn types / Pandey, Anne Elizabeth Snyder. Lawns--Economic aspects--California, Southern.
991004346049702915 The Zero Waste movement and the concept of waste / Feldman, Jacob. Waste products--Waste minimization--Analysis.; Recycling (Waste, etc.)--Public opinion.
991004441459702915 Aesthetic preferences for cemeteries : implications for water-conserving landscapes / Clements, Stephanie Armetta. Drought-tolerant plants--Rating of.; Cemeteries--California, Southern.
991004453759702915 Estimating the photovoltaic potential of residential building morphologies : a GIS based model of Pasadena, California / Catalano, Andrew A. Photovoltaic power generation--California--Pasadena--Case studies.; Photovoltaic power generation.; California--Pasadena.; Case studies.
991004453789702915 Engineering ecologies with water buffalo : treatment wetlands and vegetation harvest for nitrogen removal / Kanzler, Andrew M. Ecosystem management.; Water buffalo.; Water--Purification--Nitrogen removal.
991004453829702915 Predictive modeling of vineyard expansion in the Santa Monica mountains / Rundel, Tyler. Land use--California, Southern--Planning.; Santa Monica Mountains (Calif.); Land use--Planning.; Logistic regression analysis.; Vineyards--Location.; California--Santa Monica Mountains.; California, Southern.
991004453859702915 Place patination : exploring how forms of residential inhabitation and patterns of consumption influence formation and expression of place attachment and place -protective behaviors in rural retirement migrants / Scully, Laurin N. Older people--Attitudes.; Housing, Rural--Rating of.
991004453899702915 School gardens : measuring the potential for sustainability / Boldt, Rachel L. School gardens.; Sustainability.
991004453939702915 Regenerative design strategies within landscape architectural curricula : an analysis of educational textbooks at Cal Poly Pomona / Okihiro, Allison N. Sustainable design--Textbooks--Rating of.
991004453969702915 Residential water demand and rate structures : finding what motivates consumers to conserve / Peers, Christopher. Consumer behavior.; Water conservation.; Water consumption.
991004454729702915 Optimum species selection for vegetative filter strips / Briggs, Cody. Runoff--Purification--Filtration.; Vegetative propagation--Analysis.
991004469879702915 Urban agriculture and contaminated soil : a method for assessing risk on available land / Perry, Kimberly. Soils--Lead content.; Soils--Composition--Rating of.; Urban agriculture.
991004472769702915 The impacts of anthropogenic and natural stressors on Southern California eelgrass ecosystems / Feeney, Shannon. Eelgrass--California, Southern--Analysis.
991004475119702915 Power potential of amplified wind in urban canyons / Willis, Matthew T. Land use, Urban.; Wind power--Climatic factors.; Wind power plants--Environmental aspects.
991004481049702915 Sustainability communications at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona / Grant, Elektra. Sustainable development reporting.
991004490689702915 A comparison of public/private planning styles : a case study of a transit-oriented development / Huerta, Enrique. Transportation--California, Southern--Planning--Surveys.; Environmental impact analysis.; Transportation--Planning.; California, Southern.; Surveys.
991004492269702915 Investigating recycling as an antecedent to altering environmental consciousness : a focus on Mexican immigrants' environmental world view and behavior / Lopez, Gisela. Recycling (Waste, etc.)--Rating of.; Immigrants--America--Attitudes.; Mexican Americans--Attitudes.
991004496089702915 Effects of plants on CO2 concentrations in occupied and unoccupied office spaces / Goldberg, Amanda. House plants.; Indoor air pollution.
991004496819702915 Purchasing organic produce for domestic consumption / Orozco, Mitzi A. Consumer behavior.; Natural foods industry--Rating of.
991004496859702915 Potential of subterranean temperatures for food storage in southern California / Caprari, Devin. Natural foods--Storage--Climatic factors.; Organic farming--California, Southern.
991004563599702915 Addition of food waste to anaerobic digesters to increase biogas production / Redman, Kate. Sewage--Purification--Anaerobic treatment--Evaluation.; Biogas.
991004620079702915 Evapotranspiration and green roofs : comparing sedum and grass species for effect on indoor temperature / Halstead, Maria Cristina. Roofing--Rating of.; Ecological houses.
991004667459702915 Citizen science disruptions in a southern California environmental justice conflict / Dhillion, Carla May. Environmental sciences--Research--Citizen participation--Evaluation.; Environmental sciences--Law and legislation--Citizen participation.
991004667529702915 Evaluation criteria for renewable energy systems in the rural developing community context / Kerrins-Torres, Thomas Joseph. Renewable natural resources--Law and legislation--Evaluation.
991004673999702915 Disc golf course design : inscribing lifestyle into underutilized landscapes / Plansky, Michael G. Golf courses--Landscape architecture.; Flying discs (Game)
991004692309702915 Barriers and opportunities of the Los Angeles food waste recycling program / Heath, Heather A. Organic wastes--Recycling.
991004692339702915 Prioritizing areas for effective BMP implication in the Arroyo Seco watershed by identifying nonpoint sources of pollutants / Duesner, Sean E. Water--Pollution potential--California--Los Angeles County.; Arroyo Seco Watershed (Calif.)
991004693759702915 Water use efficiency, gas exchange, and biomass accumulation for three California landscaping tree species / Dobson-Hemminger, Amber. Water efficiency--California, Southern.; Trees in cities--Water requirements--Rating of.; Air--Purification--Evaluation.
991004718889702915 An investigation of VAWT and HAWT land use suitability in Los Angeles, California / Perry, Preston. Wind power plants--Aerodynamics--Rating of.; Los Angeles County (Calif.)
991004722509702915 Phase change materials : their effect on thermal comfort / Johnson, Bennie N. Architecture and energy conservation--Rating of.
991004726389702915 A comparative cost analysis of deconstruction and conventional demolition strategies for the removal of residential structures in greater Los Angeles / McGray, Myles P. Dwellings--Recycling--Cost of operation--Rating of.; Wrecking--Cost of operation--Rating of.; Los Angeles County (Calif.)
991004764329702915 Municipal anaerobic digestion and composting : feasibility study for Asheville, North Carolina / Cooper, Ryan M. Natural gas--Production control.; Organic wastes--Recycling.; Asheville (N.C.)--Recycling.
991004818409702915 Quantization of regeneration / Serio, Donald L., Jr. Ecological surveys--Methodology--Rating of.; Santa Catalina Island (Calif.)
991004828699702915 Exploring the possibility of using used car batteries as re residential energy storage / Yoon, Ben S. Renewable energy sources--Storage.; Lead-acid batteries--Rating of.
991004828739702915 The influence of community garden participation on pro-environmental behavior / Weintraub, Crystal H. Environmental ethics.; Community gardens--Psychological aspects.
991004829619702915 Asset-based community development : community participation as entrepreneurhsip [sic] / Rivas, Nicholas J. Community development--Finance.; Political entrepreneurship.
991004832619702915 The asset based continuum : exploring the qualities and characteristics of asset based community development in sustainability/social justice initiatives / Forester, Tyler S. Sustainable urban development--Finance--Case studies.
991004832969702915 Residential water conservation in southern California : how cities can promote water conservation when they are not the water supplier / Cavazos, Nikki M. Water conservation--California, Southern.; Metropolitan areas--California, Southern.; Metropolitan areas.; Water conservation.; California, Southern.
991004841979702915 Variables affecting managers food container purchasing preference in the restaurant industry / Pierre, Cammi A. Restaurateurs--Attitudes.; Restaurants--Equipment and supplies--Rating of.
991004919169702915 Effects of groundcover albedo on soil and air temperature / Tin, Josette C. Greenhouse effect, Atmospheric.; Ground cover plants.
991004931439702915 A fractured forest : identifying the most suitable forested habitats and corridors in the San Bernardino national forest / Bellis, James C. Watershed management--California, Southern--Mathematical models.; San Bernardino Mountains (Calif.); Watershed management--Mathematical models.; California--San Bernardino Mountains.; California, Southern.
991004932329702915 Design and experimentation of a novel water-wall envelope component for passive/active heating and cooling / Gullotti, Brandon W. Hydronics--Design and construction.
991004961059702915 Effects of biochar on growing media and plant physiology and productivity for green roofs / Fladd, Gabrielle. Green roofs (Gardening)--Growing media.; Biochar--Evaluation.
991004974689702915 Political culture obstacles to sustainable transportation / Irish, Aiden. Sustainable urban development--California, Southern--Case studies.; Pasadena (Calif.)--Politics and government--Public opinion.; Pomona (Calif.)--Politics and government--Public opinion.; Politics and government--Public opinion.; Sustainable urban develop
991004974859702915 Suitability analysis of almond production under a changing climate / Kasparian, Arpe. Almond--Climatic factors--California.
991005017139702915 Student activism a composting cast study / Squires-Villaseñor, Rosemary. Sustainable development--Case studies.; Sustainable development.; Universities and colleges--Planning.; Case studies.
991005017249702915 From garden to table and back : regenerating a lost cycle / Gomez, Jillian Marie. Square foot gardening--Evaluation.
991005030689702915 Community art as asset based development : a participatory action research study / Carino, Christine. Community arts projects.
991005032059702915 The forces of corporate sustainability : examining the sustainable business framework / Marsh, Ariel R. Sustainable development--Evaluation.
991005041459702915 Monitoring fine particles pollution (PM2.5) in mixed land use neighborhood : Pomona California / Anton, Michael G. Air quality management--California, Southern--Evaluation.; Air quality monitoring stations--California--Pomona.; Air quality management--Evaluation.; Air quality monitoring stations.; California--Pomona.; California, Southern.
991005041639702915 Bypassing roadblocks to waste conversion in the U.S. / Kelley, Kim Clymer. Refuse as fuel--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Refuse as fuel--Law and legislation--Citizen participation.
991005041759702915 GIS suitability modeling of the NCCP coastal sage scrub ecosystem / Chambers, Amy L. Habitat (Ecology)--Geographic information systems--Rating of.; Habitat conservation--Law and legislation--Rating of--California, Southern.
991005043649702915 Non-native Arundo donax L. vs. native Typha latifolia L. : a comparison of biomonitors for heavy metals / McClain, Nicole. Biological monitoring.; Giant reed--Effect of heavy metals on.; Typha latifolia--Effect of heavy metals on.
991005044209702915 Identifying suitable sites for Olympia oysters restoration through GIS modeling / Popel, Elliott James. Coastal zone management--Environmental aspects--Geographic information systems.; Oystering--Environmental aspects--Geographic information systems.; Oyster culture--Washington (State); Oyster culture--California.; Olympia oyster.
991005044929702915 Tapping into justice : the San Jerardo Case / Verdugo, Gilberto.

Groundwater--Law and legislation--California.; Water--Pollution--Law and legislation--California.; Groundwater--Law and legislation.; Water--Pollution--Law and legislation.; California.