Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

Student Housing

Student Dorms
Students can dorm with a view of the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

The Center offers housing for up to 20 residents in one of its two dormitory buildings: Sunspace and Riverfront. The Center's hillside setting offers a peaceful environment surrounded by scenery of water gardens and fruit bearing trees. The Center is conveniently located within walking distance or a quick shuttle ride to other academic units on campus, the library, computer labs, dining areas and student union and.

Housing is open to graduate and upper division students from any program at Cal Poly Pomona. Graduate students in the Master of Science in Regenerative Studies receive priority for reserving rooms. Although residents are not required to attend regenerative studies classes, they may choose to do so, or get involved in other opportunities for student participation at the Center.

These facilities have a laundry room, study areas, recreation room/TV lounge, mailboxes and community kitchenettes. Satellite television service is provided in each room. Both of the buildings are co-ed and non-smoking.

Housing at the Center is administered by University Housing Services. Regenerative Studies program applicants interested in residing at the Center are encouraged to visit the website and contact them early in the admissions process to ensure priority housing.

Sunspace houses eight residents, with rooms located on the upper level. These rooms are set up as a suite, with double occupancy rooms connected by a shared bathroom with shower stall. The rooms have vaulted ceilings and each room has its own private entry. Two rooms on the North and South ends of the building have private entryways off the upper deck, while the other rooms are accessed through an internal hallway.

Riverfront has two wings on the ground level, housing a total of twelve residents. Each wing has three spacious double occupancy rooms sharing two private bathrooms that include a shower stall. Each room has an entry door from an internal hallway and also a back door with direct deck access, overlooking one of the Center's ponds.