Office of Faculty Affairs

Organizational Chart

Faculty Affairs & Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE) as of March 2022

Org Chart
  1. Interim Associate Vice President Faculty Affairs (MPP AGL IV)

    Dr. Jill Hargis

    1. Confidential Assistant to the AVP for Faculty Affairs (Confidential Admin. Support II)

      Mary Jane Wade

    1. Executive Director of Academic Personnel (MPP AGL II)

      George Tejadilla

    2. Faculty Affairs Specialist (Confidential Administrative Support III)

      Mary Lucero Ferrel

    3. Director, Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

      Dr. Victoria Bhavsar

      1. Lead Instructional Designer III CAFE

        April Dawn

        1. Instructional Designer II CAFE

          Thomas Patrick Jenkins

        2. Instructional Designer II CAFE

          Donya Rahimi

        3. Instructional Designer II CAFE

          Eric Davis

        4. Studio 6 ITAs


      2. Multimedia Developer III CAFE

        Erick Zelaya

      3. Multimedia Developer II CAFE

        Richard Feldman

      4. LMS Administrator CAFE

        Ann Loomis

      5. Administrative Coordinator II, CAFE

        Carla Tetreault

    4. Coordinator of Faculty Recruitment and Hiring


    5. Faculty Affairs Analyst (Administrative Analyst/Specialist EII)

      Grace Santos

    6. Office Support and Service Coordinator (Administrative Support Coordinator II)

      Marianne Slavin