Office of Faculty Affairs

Visiting Faculty

Policy No 1315 - Visiting Faculty Appointment (pdf)

Visiting Faculty are full-time faculty appointments, for up to one academic year, for individuals from outside the appointing campus who are recognized in their field and whose employment at the CSU would benefit the mission of the University

Visiting faculty appointments are temporary and non-renewable. Visiting Faculty appointments may either be:

  • 2393 - Visiting Faculty, Academic Year
  • 2391 - Visiting Faculty, 12 Month

Appointees to the Visiting Faculty classifications are excluded from certain provisions of the CBA. Incumbents are not eligible to serve a probationary period, gain tenure, or earn an ongoing entitlement. These appointments are approved by the campus President or designee. The number of employees in the Visiting Faculty classification shall not exceed 125 full time equivalent faculty systemwide. Please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs for further information.