Office of Faculty Affairs

Tenure-Line Faculty Evaluation

Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion (RTP)
RTP packets must be submitted via Interfolio.  For additional information on how to navigate Interfolio, please see RTP via Interfolio section. 
By the start of fall semester, a case will have been created in Interfolio for faculty eligibile to submit a RTP packet via Interfolio.  Once you log in to Interfolio, you will be able to access instructions for submitting your packet along with links to upload the required documents and forms. Please begin drafting your candidate's report and self-narrative using the form below. This will become part of your RTP submission.
     RTP Calendar, Policies and Forms
  ⋅ RTP Calendar 2021-2022 (pdf) 
         ⋅ Policy No: 1328 - RTP Policy and Procedure (pdf)
   ⋅ Policy No: 1329 - Student Evaluation of Teaching (pdf)
   ⋅ CBA Article 15 Evaluation
  ⋅ Academic Resolution Specifying Adjustments to Polices and Processes for Faculty Evaluation in the
         Spring Semester of 2020  (4/15/20)
          Academic Senate Resolution Specifying Adjustments on AY 2020-2021 Student Teaching Evaluation 
               requirements  (2/10/21)
  ⋅ Faculty Performance Review Form 2021-22 (doc)
  ⋅ DRTPC Evaluation Form 2021-22 (doc) Signature page (pdf)
  Department Chair Evaluation Form 2021-22 (doc) Signature page (pdf)
  ⋅ Dean Evaluation Form 2021-22 (doc) Signature page (pdf)                                                                                                                                                     
Fall Semester 2021 RTP Workshops
RTP workshops are for faculty going through the RTP process and for evaluators at all levels:  RTP Committees (DRTPC, CRTPC, URTPC), Department Chair and Dean. The workshops not only provide an overview of the applicable policies and Interfolio but allow for any questions you might have.

     RTP Workshop - Candidate  8/27/21 (recording)

   RTP Workshop - Evaluator  8/27/21 (recording)

 ⋅ RTP Workshop - Candidate (pdf)

 ⋅ RTP Workshop - Evaluator (pdf)


Spring Semester 2021 RTP Changes Workshops

           RTP Process Changes for Implementation in AY 2021-2022 (2/3/21) (pdf)                                                                  RTP Workshop - Faculty (3/25/21) (recording)   

        Other resources to assist during the RTP process:

     CPP Interfolio Resource Page
     RTP Actions DRTPC Chair Form (doc)
            Sample Notice to Request Input in an Evaluation Cycle from Students & Faculty for RTP Reviews 

RTP Criteria     

            Current RTP Criteria by Department 
            Archived RTP Criteria by Department
            RTP Criteria AY 2020-2021 Review Cycle Calendar (1/25/21) (pdf)
            Checklist for reviewing RTP Criteria document (8/4/20)  (pdf)
            Approval Tracking Document (pdf)
            Policy No: 1200 University Course Syllabus (pdf)

 Spring Semester 2021 RTP Criteria Workshops

            URTPC RTP Criteria Best Practices Workshop presentation (1/25/21) (pdf)
            RTP Criteria Workshop Reminders Presentation (1/25/21) (pdf)



Post-Tenure Review Calendar and Policies   

           Post-Tenure Review Calendar 2021-2022  (pdf)     
           Policy No: 1335 - Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Members (pdf) 
           Policy No: 1329 - Student Evaluation of Teaching (pdf)
           CPP Interfolio Resource Page