University Accounting Services

Direct Pay Procedures

Direct Pay

Payments made against a department's budget for expenses that do not require a purchase order and when a procurement card is not accepted by the vendor, are eligible to be processed via Direct Pay. Please see the list of Authorized Direct Pay Transaction below prior to committing department funds to a purchase or submitting a Direct Pay to Accounts Payable for processing.

Unapproved, non-qualifying, or incomplete Direct Pay requests may be returned unprocessed to the originating department, along with an explanation of why the expenditure was denied processing. Non-qualifying expenditures will be directed to follow the Unauthorized Purchase Authorization Request (UPAR) process to seek additional approval to move forward with payment processing.

  • Books and subscriptions with order forms only
  • Memberships
  • Room Rentals at Bronco Student Center, Kellogg West, and Kellogg House
  • Ads placed in Poly Post
  • Ads for recruitment of positions (not placed by Human Resources) that do not require a purchase order
  • Honorariums/Guest Lecturer
  • Excess copy charges on lease agreement
  • Permit fees
  • Certification and renewal fees
  • Accreditation fees
  • Insurance premiums for Risk Management
  • Citation, booking and processing fees
  • Medical exams/Fingerprinting
  • Candidate lodging and meals at Kellogg West
  • Candidate reimbursement of interview expenses
  • New hire reimbursement of relocation expenses
  • Reimbursement of non-travel employee business expense (payment out-of-pocket is discouraged)
  • Registration for classes/conferences
  • Food/Beverages that meet Hospitality Policy guidelines
  • Exhibitor Fees
  • U.S. Postmaster - Postage meter
  • Retreat Fees

  • Prepare a Direct Pay Form, located on the Forms website.
  • Include all appropriate required supporting documentation, including itemized invoice/receipt.
  • Obtain an authorized approver signature on the Direct Pay. The approver should be an authorized signor on the chartfield string where payment will be processed from.
  • Invoice/Payment requests should be submitted electronically via email to for processing. One (1) payment request should be submitted per email, with all supporting documentation combined into one (1) PDF document.