University Accounting Services

Direct Payment

Procurement and Support Services, in cooperation with the Accounts Payable department, is continuing to implement best practices to enhance the quality of our services to our users. We have determined that routine purchases (see Authorized Direct Pay Transactions) do not need to go through the normal procurement process. This exemption is appropriate because there is no need to secure competitive pricing nor opportunity to negotiate more favorable terms.

Departments are able to process direct pays with invoices for these routine purchases under a significantly simplified process. A Direct Pay form will be completed and the same authorized signature(s) will be required as those necessary for normal requisition processing.

This payment method cannot be utilized for processing payments for purchases made without prior authorization (also known as "confirming" purchases.) Unauthorized or confirming items will be returned to the initiating party. We would like to remind you that two other programs are available to eliminate confirming orders. The programs are the ProCard (Procurement Credit Card) and Petty Cash.

For more information on these options, please contact:

Lou Yang on ext. 4384

Petty Cash
Helen Lee on ext. 2014

  • Prepare Direct Pay Form
  • Obtain authorized signature on direct pay form
  • Attach the original, itemized invoice on vendor's stationery
  • Signify approval of invoice by putting authorized signature on the invoice
  • Submit direct pay form and invoice directly to Accounts Payable, CLA, B1-113.

  • Books and subscriptions with order forms only
  • Memberships
  • Room Rentals at Bronco Student Center, Kellogg West, and Kellogg House
  • Ads placed in Poly Post
  • Ads for recruitment of positions (not placed by Human Resources) that do not require purchase order
  • Honorariums/Guest Lecturer
  • Excess copy charges on lease agreement
  • Permit fees
  • Certification and renewal fees
  • Accreditation fees
  • Insurance premiums for Risk Management
  • Citation, booking and processing fees
  • Medical exams/Fingerprinting
  • Candidate lodging and meals at Kellogg West
  • Candidate reimbursement of interview expenses
  • New hire reimbursement of relocation expenses
  • Reimbursement of non-travel employee business expense (over $50 or past 30 days)
  • Registration for classes/conferences (direct pay)
  • Food/Beverages that meet Hospitality Policy
  • Exhibitor Fees
  • U.S. Postmaster - Postage meter
  • JOC - Job Order Contracting
  • Retreat Fees

Revised Hospitality Policy 12/2011:

1301-00 Hospitality Payment

Hospitality Per Person Rate

All Direct Pay transactions are to be submitted to Accounts Payable in the following format:

1.  Direct Pay Form (PDF) - Complete with Vendor Name, Invoice No. (if applicable) and authorized signatures.

2.  Vendor Data Record Form (PDF) (Form 204) - Completed by Vendor, facsimile copy is accepted, provides correct legal Business/Trade Name, Type of Company and Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) and is signed by Officer of the company (usually Controller).

3.  Backup Documentation - This includes invoice, remittance stubs, original receipts, proof of payment, etc.

Payment: Direct Pays will be paid by the date requested provided Accounts Payable receives correct, completed documents in a timely manner. Checks are mailed to vendors with applicable backup documents unless "Call for Pick Up" box is checked off. Please allow a minimum of 5-7 days for processing.

For more information please contact Helen Lee, Accounts Payable Coordinator on extension 2014 or e-mail.

Contact Helen Lee at for questions.