University Accounting Services

Hospitality Policy

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It is the policy of the California State University (CSU) that expenses may be paid to the extent that such expenses are appropriate, reasonable and serve a purpose consistent with the mission and fiduciary responsibilities of the CSU. The policy governs the manner and extent to which the CSU and its auxiliaries may provide hospitality to its employees, students, donors, guests, and volunteers.

A Hospitality Authorization Form is required to support all hospitality related expenditures. The approval and payment process for hospitality is as follows:

  1. Review the policy to determine whether the proposed expense is allowable.

  2. Prior to the event and incurring the expense, assemble supporting documentation, attach the Hospitality Authorization Form, and obtain authorization to incur the expense. The Hospitality Authorization Form must be signed by the Chartfield String (CFS) Signing Authority for approval prior to the hospitality being incurred.

  3. If the expense requires a purchase order, submit an approved requisition, approved Hospitality Authorization Form, and applicable support to Procurement.

  4. Once ready for payment processing, submit the invoice/itemized receipt with proof of payment for reimbursement, to Accounts Payable with all applicable supporting documentation.
    1. PO invoices must be signed “OK to Pay” by a department official and include the PO number and PO line to process payment.

    2. If the expense is authorized to be paid via Direct Pay, submit an approved Direct Pay, approved Hospitality Authorization Form, and applicable support to Accounts Payable.

    3. If the expense is authorized to be paid via the P-Card, submit the approved Hospitality Authorization Form, and applicable purchase supporting documentation, with the monthly card reconciliation package.
  5. An agenda, flyer, and/or detailed schedule that outlines the schedule of the event including start and end times must accompany the support submitted to Accounts Payable for all payment requests.

  6. An attendee list must accompany all payment request support submitted to Accounts Payable and include attendee first and last name, email address, BID (if applicable), and clearly identify the attendee type (student, faculty, staff, donor, etc.).

  7. Accounts Payable will review the payment request and ask for further support, if needed. If deemed appropriate, based on the CPP Hospitality policy, the payment/reimbursement will be processed based on the standard processing timeline for Accounts Payable.