University Accounting Services

Group Payments

The University may enter into negotiated agreements with restaurants, hotels, and similar establishments to furnish travel related accommodations to a group or groups of University employees when it is to the University’s advantage. Under these types of agreements, the vendor may be paid by the group leader or by billing the University directly. Group travelers may claim reimbursement of such expenses as follows: 

  • Group leaders who pay all or part of the group’s expenses may be reimbursed by submitting an Expense Report for the actual expenses incurred. The report must be accompanied by the vendor’s itemized invoice/receipt showing that the payment has been made in full, and the payment method.
  • A copy of the agenda or trip itinerary should be included in the group leaders Expense Report to support the activities incurred for the group travel.
  • Members of a group who have some portion of their subsistence expenses paid by the group leader may claim reimbursement for the remainder of their subsistence expenses incurred.

Payment of Expenses on Behalf of Others (Non-Group Trips)

University travelers normally shall not be reimbursed for expenses paid on behalf of other persons, except in the case of co-travelers who are sharing a room. If paying on behalf of someone else (i.e. mileage), it must be clearly documented in the Travel Request and Expense Report in Concur who/how many attendees so daily max can be taken into account for the other traveler(s).